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The Dan Hotels is the most prestigious hotel chain in Israel

Tasting Booklet
The Dan Hotels Tasting Booklet is Back in Light of its Success

At the start of 2021 the Dan Hotels chain initiated a unique offer never seen before in Israel, and together with the culinary personality David Kishka put together a tasting booklet for Dan Hotels guests. The chain’s guests would enjoy a winning combination that will include a pampering vacation at a luxury hotel with a culinary experience in local markets, with tastings at both market stands and the most worthwhile places in the city in which the hotel is located. The tasting booklet gift offer will be back big time between September 31, 2021 and October 31, 2021.

A Holistic Experience for Dan Hotels Guests 

A new trend has developed in the culinary world in Israel and around the world in recent years, with large and major cities offering local and foreign tourists a tasting card for the colorful and authentic markets in the city. In fact the tasting tour trend is prevalent in today’s vacation and tourism world, with many tourists (including vacationers in Israel) choosing their vacation destinations in Israel and abroad according to the unique foods and the opportunity for a wonderful and unforgettable holistic vacation.

It is important to remember that many tourists visit the same familiar and leading tourist destinations more than once. These are usually major as well as vacation and holiday cities such as Paris, Athens, Budapest, Rome and London. In Israel, the equivalent of the food tour trend are vacations in leading tourist destinations such as Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa.  

The Tasting Booklet Offer during September and October 2021

As noted, the tasting booklet is back big time and will be valid between September 12, 2021 and October 31, 2021. How does it work? Simply book 2 nights or more at one of the Dan Hotels in Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Jerusalem or Haifa, and receive a tasting booklet gift for the local markets. All you have to do is explore and wind your way between the colorful stands and the local aromas in the city.

More about the Dan Hotels Tasting Booklet

The Dan Hotels chain wanted to offer its local and foreign guests an original way to enjoy a unique and holistic vacation. Together with David Kishka, Chairperson of the Israeli Culinary Culture Association, it developed the tasting booklet for Dan Hotels guests. The gift, which was offered up to the end of July 2021, was a success, with all guests who booked a vacation of two nights or more at the Dan Hotels in cities such as Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa receiving a tasting booklet they could use to easily visit the most authentic and original stands and businesses in the market close to the hotel. David Kishka prepared the Dan Hotels tasting list, and it is worthwhile noting that the stands and businesses in the booklet are usually not included on standard tasting cards and on the culinary tours of most large markets currently offered in Israel.

The satisfaction survey conducted among Dan Hotels guests found that all participants were enthusiastic about the original offer and the new and unfamiliar tastes they experienced. Many of the chain’s guests indicated that the offer enabled them to get to know new places, wonderful delicacies and unique and appetizing dishes, and this in addition to the pampering and ideal vacation at a luxury hotel. The offer was successful and we are already working on additional surprising and exciting offers.  

Dan Hotels Chain – Enjoy the Best

Besides the successful tasting booklet the Dan Hotels chain offers experiential weekends, vacations with live performances and a variety of additional concepts for an innovative and  surprise-filled vacation. A wonderful and experiential vacation begins with the right choice of a hotel that offers spacious rooms, abundant and generous amenities, new facilities, superb service, a winning location and an exciting and exhilarating culinary experience.