About Dan Hotels

The Dan Hotels is the most prestigious hotel chain in Israel


About Dan Hotels

The Dan Hotels is the most prestigious hotel chain in Israel


The Dan Hotels chain in Israel is the country's most veteran, deluxe and first-class hotel chain. Its establishment dates back to June 1947, when two brothers, Yekutiel and Shmuel Federmann, purchased the “Kaete Dan” a 21-room guest house on the Tel Aviv sea shore, with the vision that Israel would one day become a tourist destination. Currently the chain includes 17 deluxe hotels in prime locations around the country, an international convention center, a hotel training school and the Dan Lounges at Ben Gurion airport . The flagship hotel, the King David Jerusalem, regularly hosts visiting dignitaries and is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World.

The chain has been and continuous to be managed by members of the Federmann family to this day, in order to ensure that the name Dan remains synonymous with excellence in the field of hospitality. Over the years, several of the chain's hotels have won awards, reflecting the endeavors, planning, and attention-to-detail standards to which our staff members are held in order to assure that all Dan guests enjoy “an experience beyond their expectations”

History Timeline


The Federmann brothers purchased the "Kaete Dan", a 21-room guest house on the the Tel Aviv sea shore. 

Kaete Dan guest house picture

The "Dan" hotel was opened next to senior "Kaete Dan". The hotel included 120 modern design rooms. Each room had wall-to-wall carpeting, colored bathrooms, telephone and radio.  

Dan tel aviv in the seventies

The minister of Economy and Industry, Pinchas Sapir persuaded Yekutiel Federmann to purchase the unsuccessful "Accadia" hotel. 

dan accadia postcard from the fifties
dan accadia pool in the seventies

The exploded "King David" hotel was purchased, and the renovation of the southern wing started. 

exploded "King David" hotel wing

Yekutiel Federmann made a decision to build in his hometown Haifa, the "Dan Carmel" hotel. The hotel's construction started after laying a cornerstone in 1961. 

Dan Carmel hotel cornerstone laying in 1961

The construction of the "Dan Carmel" hotel was completed. The official grand opening was held in 1963. The exclusive 14 floors hotel included 220 rooms. 

Dan Carmel hotel in the sixties

The "Dan Hotels" chain purchased from the Baron Edmond de Rothschild the "Golf" hotel in Caesarea. In 1972 the renovated hotel was reopened under the name "Dan Caesarea" hotel. 

Dan Caesarea in the seventies

From the middle of 1970s the situation of the incoming tourism has changed a lot. The new CEO of "Dan Hotels" chain, Micky Federmann had to face The major decrease of the incoming tourism extent, as well as the strong competition that changed the whole industry.  

Micky Federmann picture as the CEO of Dan Hotels

Many VIP guests, celebrities and international leaders stayed at the "King David" hotel, but the most remembered and powerful visit was when the president of Egypt Anwar Sadat stayed at the hotel in November, 1977.

Begin & Sadat at the King David

The issuing of "Dan Hotels" chain as a public company was a major success. 20 million dollars were raised and enabled the company to build a new hotel. Few years later the company purchased a new hotel and established "Dan Hotels" as the leading hotels chain is Israel.

Tel Aviv stock exchange logo

In 1986, 2 new hotels joined the "Dan Hotels" chain: "Dan Panorama" Haifa and "Dan Panorama" Tel Aviv. The hotels referred to business men and a new brand was created: "Dan Panorama". 

Dan Panorama Haifa in the eighties

In 1987 Samuel (Samo) Federmann was elected to be the president of the international hotels association of the world. As a part of his job, he met many world leaders in Paris, where the international hotels association main office was located. 

Samo Federmann as the president of the international hotels association

In 1989 Yekuitel Federmann decided to appoint the next generation to manage "Dan Hotels". Micky Federmann was elected for chairman of the board of "Dan Hotels". Ami Federmann was elected for vice chairman of the board of "Dan Hotels". 

Federmann family : Yekuitel, Samo, Micky & Ami

Ami Federmann had to do a research work in world's leading hotel resorts and In 1995, the "Dan Eilat" hotel was opened. This hotel was a symbol of innovation and defined israel's next generation hotels. 

Dan Eilat Picture

In 1999 the "Dan Hotels" chain expanded and purchased 3 hotels in one year. The company purchased "Ganei Shulamit" company and opened "Dan Panorama" Eilat and "Ganei Dan Ashkelon. Later on "Dan Hotels" purchased from Moriah company a hotel and after a complete renovation the "Dan Panorama" Jerusalem was opened. 

Dan Panorama Eilat Picture

"Dan gourmet"- fine culinary arts cooking center was established as a leading school for israel's hospitality field.  

Dan Gourmet logo

In 2007 the "Dan Hotels" purchased "Ariel" hotel in Jerusalem. After a complete renovation of 5 months and a total cost of 65 millions Shekels, the "Dan Boutique" hotel was opened in May 2008. 

Dan Boutique Hotel Lobby

In August 2010, the "Dan Hotels" purchased "Hyatt" regency hotel and opened the largest hotel the "Dan Jerusalem". 

Dan Jerusalem pool picture

The chain continues to grow, having opened a hotel in Bangalore, India and a new hotel in Tel Aviv, while maintaining its position as a leading chain.

Den hotel pic


Dan Hotels acquired three hotels: Ruth Safed, Neptune Eilat and Mary's Well in Nazareth.

The chain also completed the full renovation of Dan Caesarea, which has become a luxurious resort and the first of its kind in Israel.

Dan Hotels participated in the Ma'ala ranking for social responsibility in businesses and received the Platinum Plus rating award.

Dan Caesarea