About Haifa hotels

The green peaks of the Carmel Mountain range, the blue waters of the Haifa bay and the hanging gardens of the Bahai Temple provide the backdrop for this vibrant city, with its well-earned reputation as the capital of the north. The city abounds with museums and cultural institutions, golden beaches and charming green spaces, movie theaters and entertainment venues. Haifa and the Haifa hotels are the perfect choice for a vacation that combines the varied offerings of the modern city with the calm and beauty of nature.  

The Dan Hotel chain offers an especially pampering northern vacation in Haifa in the best location on the Carmel. You can choose to stay at one of our two leading hotels in the city:

The Dan Carmel Haifa hotel - the most luxurious and impressive of all Haifa hotels - offers its guests a luxury vacation atop the Carmel Mountain range.

The Dan Panorama Hotel - rising to twenty-one stories the hotel offers its guests perfect access to an adjacent shopping mall, an attractive location in the Carmel Center and an impressive view of the bay.  

Dan hotels in Haifa – a magnificent past and a dazzling future

This port city, whose roots hark back to the 3rd century BC, is mentioned in the Talmud and in the writings of the Christian apostles, and served as the northern gateway to the Land of Israel for hundreds of years. According to tradition the prophet Elijah hid in a cave now located in the western part of the city, and contended with the prophets of the Baal on one of the nearby peaks, now the site of a pastoral monastery.  The most western station of the Hejaz railway is also found in Haifa, one of the most important undertakings of the Ottoman Empire designed to take pilgrims to Mecca and Medina.  

Alongside its magnificent past Haifa is also “the city of the future”, as Herzl envisioned in his book Altneuland, with a flourishing hi-tech industry, an advanced transportation system and impressive public buildings. The hotels in Haifa, spread along the Carmel Mountain range and on the beachfront, offer a magnificent panoramic view of the city that combines historic buildings and ultra-modern architecture, churches and mosques with skyscrapers such as the Sail Tower and the Dan Panorama Tower.  


Dan Carmel Haifa Hotel

Atop the Carmel Mountain range with a magnificent panoramic view stands the Dan Carmel Haifa hotel, the first luxury hotel in the history of the Haifa. The hotel was refurbished to become one of the most attractive hotels in Israel.

All the hotel rooms and suites were renovated and expanded, designed in a classic-elegant style with all the amenities and accessories found in the best hotels in Israel and the world, including huge pampering bathrooms, large flat television screens with a multimedia connection, and much more.

Dan Panorama Hotel

The hotel, rising twenty-one stories above the Carmel Mountain range, became one of the prominent landmarks of Haifa over the years. It offers a spectacular panoramic view to every direction, from the Mediterranean coastline and the Haifa bay to the Golan and Hermon mountains. This Haifa hotel is designed in a modern warm style and offers modern rooms, business suites and family units, a swimming pool and one of the most advanced a fitness and sports clubs in Israel. 

The Wonders of the World and a Marine Vacation

The Bahai Temple in Haifa, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008, is considered by many to be the eighth wonder of the world. The temple is the spiritual center of the Bahai Faith, whose adherents believe that all religions in the world originated from a shared omnipresence and act toward an enduring world peace. The famous terraces of the temple, on the slopes of the Carmel Mountain, are meticulously designed with an emphasis on beauty and aesthetics - important principles in the Bahai religion.


Haifa as an excellent departure point for trips to the north

Nature lovers will find the Dan hotels in Haifa to be an excellent departure point for trips, with walking trails that span from the coast to the peaks of the Carmel Mountain. South of the city, on an area of 20,000 acres, is the Carmel Park Nature Reserve, a unique ecological system with rich biological variety, streams, springs, geological phenomena and prehistoric findings. To the north of the city, the Haifa bay – the only natural bay along Israel’s Mediterranean coast – is the western flank of the Zevulun Valley. From there it is a short drive north to Acre and Rosh Hanikra, or eastwards in the direction of Jezreel Valley and the Sea of Galilee.