About Dan Hotels

The Dan Hotels is the most prestigious hotel chain in Israel


About Dan Hotels

The Dan Hotels is the most prestigious hotel chain in Israel

Ethical Code

Ethical Code

Dan Hotels Group – Ethical Code


The binding values, standards and rules of conduct voluntarily adopted by the Dan Hotels Group based on its long hotel tradition constitute, in fact, the Group’s ethical code.

The Group undertakes to manage its businesses with integrity and honesty, with a commitment to ethical conduct, provision of superior service and assimilation of its vision: “Providing guests with service beyond their expectations, and cultivation of employees beyond their expectations”.


The values and standards contained in Dan Hotels Group’s ethical code are:


1. Honoring legal norms

Honoring the values of the State of Israel, its laws and labor agreements as

threshold rules for business management.


2. Respect for employees and the work environment

Prohibition of discrimination, providing equal opportunities for all, enforcement of workers’ rights and the rights of sub-contractor employees, adherence to safety guidelines and prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace.


3. Fair business practices

Adopting fair practices in business competition, fair and equal treatment of guests, customers and suppliers. Providing reliable information about the hotels’/Group’s products, giving symbolic souvenirs and gifts for sales promotion purposes, receipt of gratuities and gifts from suppliers – only according to law and according to DanHotels Group’s procedures.


4. Conflict of Interests

Avoiding actions that may create a conflict of interest between an employee and Dan Hotels Group due to the employee’s position, business ties or family relations.


5. Use of company assets

Maintaining trade confidentiality, use of tangible assets and computer and communication systems solely for the purpose of executing the job.


6. Prohibition on the use of inside information

Since the company is traded on the stock market, use of inside information is prohibited, including use according to the Securities Law of 1968 and its



7. Environmental Protection

Activities aimed at environmental protection, improvement of the quality of life and integration of employees into these activities.


8.and Environmental Quality Policy
As a company committed to fine service above and beyond expectations, the company has adopted principles of environmental protection and energy saving in its daily operations - for the benefit of its employees, guests and the residents of Israel.
The company’s policy in this sphere includes careful implementation of quality and work safety standards, improving and updating inter-organization processes, and adding innovative mechanisms for improved efficiency.

The company operates so as to incorporate its employees in improved efficiency processes, and to include hotel guests in the assimilation of environmental standards aimed at reducing environmental risks, save energy, water, etc., as well as maintaining a safe work environment and reducing environmental pollution caused as a result of its operations, while protecting natural resources, the environment and the community, and complying with legal regulations.
The policy will be implemented meticulously, with an emphasis on the activities of subcontractors and service providers in the hotels.
The Safety and Environmental Quality policy will be distributed and explained to all the company’s employees and suppliers, will be transparently presented to the public andstakeholders, and will be reviewed once a year by the company’s management in order to continue to improve and adapt it as necessary.


9. Community Relations

Collaborating with local communities adjacent to hotels and Group facilities,

contributing donations and encouraging employees to be involved in activities

benefitting the community.


11. Solidarity and mutual assistance

Solidarity between the Group’s employees, encouraging mutual assistance within Dan Hotels Group’s organization and examining options for assisting employees facing hardships or difficulties.


12. Protection for people who expose corruption or breaches of the ethical code

Preventing any act of revenge or taking of steps against employees who reported a breach of the ethical code or possible acts of corruption.


The Group’s managers are required to lead their teams in the spirit of the ethical code and serve as personal role models in this field.


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* The term employee is used to refer to both men and women

* The term manager is used to refer to both male and female managers