About Dan Hotels

The Dan Hotels is the most prestigious hotel chain in Israel

  1. The company’s management is pet friendly while providing service at above expected levels to all guests.
  2. In this regard, guidelines have been set for receiving pets in guest rooms of select hotels which allow pets subject to the instructions of the Law and the company’s policy vis-à-vis guests’ pets in hotels.
  3. The policy on bringing pets into hotels is as follows:

              3.1 In general, pets authorized to enter hotels are dogs which are not dangerous and which weigh up to 4 kilograms. If they cannot be weighed, in general this is a small dog which can easily be carried in your arms: hereinafter: the pet.

            3.1.1 A dangerous dog is defined as: a dog older than 3 months which has bitten and its bite has caused injury or death; a dog of various species defined as dangerous by the Law of Canine Supervision (Amstaff, Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Tosa Inu, English Staff, Pitbull, Brazilian Mastiff, Rottweiler); a dog that is a mixed breed between a dangerous dog and another dog, and where its physical behaviors and appearance are similar to those of the dangerous dog.

         3.2 A guest wishing to be hosted together with a pet must convey a copy of the pet’s license to the hotel. The license will be kept in the hotel records. The guest will sign a document similar to the appendix to this policy which will include points concerning which the hotel is particular. Chiefly they include: where dog and guest can / cannot be relative to hotel spaces (for example: the dog cannot enter the pool, pool area, or dining spaces); the types of rooms suitable for guests with pets (the hotel will predetermine the specific rooms used for hosting guests with pets and mark them to ensure that service staff suffering from allergies will not enter and clean those rooms); the guest will be charged a token fee of NIS. 200 per night for special cleaning services; leaving the pet alone in the hotel room without supervision is prohibited; barking or other noise which disturbs other hotel guests is prohibited; the guest must carry the dog in their hands / leash the dog at all times in public spaces (determined in accordance with hotel decisions); a specific location is set aside in public spaces for dogs to relieve themselves (where the hotel is responsible for the location’s maintenance and cleanliness); providing appropriate tools for feeding pets (dishes used by hotel guests are prohibited from use for pets in order to ensure the hotel’s stringent kosher status); the guest is fully responsible for any damage caused by the pet in the hotel room / public spaces (including fleas, frayed carpets, torn or damaged towels, biting, etc); the guest must agree in advance to immediately leave the hotel should any of the relevant conditions be breached.

        3.3 There is nothing in the policy’s instruction to derogate / change the policy concerning entry of service dogs into the hotel (provided that appropriate certification is shown which includes the name of the disabled guest) or guide dogs used by vision impaired individuals.

3.4 Pet accommodation comes with a fee in some hotels - please check about the costs before placing your booking with the hotel directly.