Explore Israel – home of the Dan Hotels

Israel is a thriving country that offers visitors an amazingly wide choice of things to see and things to do. It is a land that is sacred to different religions, and is dotted with historical, religious and archeological sites. There are sandy beaches, ski slopes, green-clad hills, desert fortresses – and a range of cuisines and nightlife to suit every visitor. Israel is also the start-up nation with world-leading technological breakthroughs in medicine and communications.

You will find Dan Hotels across Israel, in all the major metropolises:

  • The sacred city of Jerusalem is in a class of its own, famous for its mosaic of synagogues, churches and mosques.
  • Tel Aviv is known as the city that never sleeps, and is the country’s entertainment and culture capital.
  • Eilat is the country’s Red Sea vacation destination with guaranteed sun most of the year.
  • Haifa is the capital of northern Israel, famous for Mount Carmel and the magnificent Bahai Gardens.
  • Herzlia is a favourite vacation spot, just north of Tel Aviv.
  • Caesarea has a history going back to pre-Roman times.
  • Nazareth in the Galilee is associated with the founder of Christianity.
  • The mountain city of Zefat has a distinct mystical and artistic feel.


Welcome to Israel – courtesy of Dan Hotels