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Israel is considered as a small country but it is blessed with wide range of climates and landscapes. From A to Z, Israel leads in many fields: The highest number of museums per capita in the world, the number of medical researches and the endless number of startup companies and their innovative products. Israel, the land of genesis is a great place to relax, learn and to be inspired of.

Israel has always been a source of endless fascinating interests. Whether your interests are historical or modern innovations.

Jerusalem is well known with its famous synagogues, elaborate churches and great mosques. The city's unique atmosphere and the colorful people makes the holy city a place you want to cherish forever. 

The nonstop city of Tel Aviv offers you endless to do lists options. You can explore the city's vibrant night life or to go to one of the Ethnic food markets. Make sure not to miss the sunset of Tel Aviv’s always-active beaches. Stroll down the famous promenade from Tel Aviv to magical old Jaffa, where you can explore unique courtyards, authentic architectural buildings and hidden alleys.

When visiting Eilat- Israel's holiday town, don’t miss some of the activities the city has to offer:  scuba diving in the red sea, swim with dolphins or to explore the Coral Beach Nature Reserve.

Haifa is the capital of northern Israel. One of the city's attractions is the Bahai gardens, with its divine magical gardens overlooking the Galilee's mountains. The Carmel forest is a great place to walk and discover Israel's greenest area.

The ancient city of Caesarea, historical place that takes you back to the Roman times. Visit the old port and check out the viaduct along the sea shore.

Israel – the land of genesis and modern innovations – get ready to be surprised!