Hamaa'yan Nazareth polo

Mary's Well Nazareth Overview

Mary's Well Nazareth Hotel, of the Dan Hotels Chain, is situated in the picturesque old city not far from the Nazareth’s main spring, which has drawn pilgrims and tourists for at least 2000 years. Mary's Well Nazareth Hotel integrates warm hosting with traditional oriental styling typical of the city and its hospitality. A midweek or weekend stay in our Nazareth hotel is an experience of modern yet authentic hosting inspired by the old city style.

Mary's Well Nazareth Hotel of the Dan Hotels positions you right in the center of this ancient Galilean city, just a few minutes of easy walking from an abundance of activities: wander the heady spice market’s lanes, discover stories and traditions in historical sites, experience the stunning churches centuries old and of course you can choose from a vast number of restaurants offering the traditional authentic Hashemite cuisine which has made Nazareth a culinary magnet.

Mary's Well Nazareth Hotel offers guests a choice of 226 rooms including spacious suites overlooking the old city quarter. The hotel’s rooms are well suited to couples and families visiting this charming Galilean hub. The hotel’s dining room provides the perfect backdrop to meals. Guests enjoying their stay at Mary's Well Nazareth Hotel can access free covered parking and Wi-Fi.

Mary's Well Nazareth Hotel of the Dan Hotels chain is a great starting point for walking tours into the bustling city center, or a day trip by car through the city and its environs. There’s something to do all hours of the day. Vacationing in Nazareth lets you encounter diverse worlds which together create a new experience. Centuries of pilgrim hospitality has led to stunning and classical churches and monasteries dotting the area, merging harmoniously with typically Mediterranean flavors and vistas in the market, food stalls and restaurants, and shopping centers. It is this unique integration between the ancient and the modern, the shades and vistas, the history and the easygoing tempo, that make a stay in Nazareth an experience much like that of any international city. Come and try out Nazareth’s unique charm.