We at the Dan Hotels, have chosen since our inception to grant the utmost importance to giving people with disabilities or special needs equal opportunities. We work tirelessly to provide our guests with full accessibility to the structures within our various hotels as well as the myriad of services we provide as a company, whether inside our hotels or on our digital platforms.

In addition, as part of our worldview, we take pride in our support and sponsorship of the Paralympic national team for more than 10 years in a row.

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The Israeli Paralympic national team with former Israeli president Shimon Peres and Dan Hotels management

The Dan Hotels chain throughout the years has been adamant on being actively involved with our community, out of awareness for the diverse and unique groups and sectors within the population and respect for their different needs. As part of this policy, the Dan Hotels has been adopting the Paralympic national team for over 10 years now.

In the photo: The Israeli Paralympic national team with former Israeli president Shimon Peres and Dan Hotels management.

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The Dan Hotels chain has been continuing the tradition of adopting the team for 3 Olympic Games in a row: Beijing 2008, London 2012 and recently Rio 2016!


The Dan Hotels is the loyal and loving home of the Paralympic national team who use our many hotels for their lodging, meeting and training needs.


Our contact person for this important project is Ditza Ben Moshe, project and guest relations manager. Ditza’s involvement in the project has long ago breached the barrier of ‘formal work’, choosing to go above and beyond.


Ditza: “Of all the projects I was involved with throughout the last few years, I feel grateful for being able to connect with these athletes, their feelings and their accomplishments within the sport. Our chain provides them with resources and infrastructure such as banqueting halls for meetings and conferences as well as inviting team members to various events and ‘team days’. But the ones deserving of all the ‘thanks’ are the athletes themselves. They are ambitious and strong-willed, showing us the real way to triumph.”


Rafi Be’eri, former VP of sales and marketing for the Dan Hotels chain, emphasizes the warm relations and the connection between the Dan chain and the Paralympic athletes: “In addition to the gratification we receive from helping our community, the choice we made to connect with ‘real winners’ – the disabled athletes of our country – who bring home the most medals – relates to the ‘winner-mentality’ that is rooted within the ‘DNA’ of the Dan Hotels managers and employees. The will to be first, to persist, and to remain at the top level even during hard times – preparing for the challenges and meeting them head-on, studying the competition with integrity and always believing in coming out on top.”