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About Caesarea Hotels

Located on the northern coast of Israel, Caesarea is an ancient city dating back to the third century. Caesarea is conveniently positioned midway between Tel Aviv and Haifa and the Dan Caesarea Hotel is therefore a great location from which to explore the country.

Caesarea History

Caesarea is an ancient city that was Renowned for its exquisite blend of old and new, ancient Roman, Mamluk and Crusader antiquities can be found side by side with modern architecture ,Caesarea has been dominated and overrun by successive waves of conquerors over the ages; from Romans to Arabs to Crusaders, all of whom have left captivating relics that add to the fascination of the city.

The Dan Caesarea

The Dan Caesarea Hotel is a luxury hotel located at the heart of Caesarea, Situated on a huge garden estate, in close proximity to all the major attractions of the area – sandy Mediterranean beaches and the National Antiquities Park that brings history to life as you explore the ruins of ancient times. The superb Dan Caesarea Hotel, Caesarea’s single luxury hotel, adjoins the Caesarea Golf & Country Club - the sole 18-hole golf course in the country. 

With the Dan Caesarea Hotel as your starting point, explore the past via a fortress encompassed by a real moat, featuring a restored Crusader's city and remnants of a glorious history. Descend to the seafront and the enchanting massive harbor of Caesarea recalling the glory of Rome. Not far from the Dan Caesarea Hotel, the famous Roman aqueduct, built by Herod in the first century BC, is located. A walk along the shore will bring you to to a spectacular Roman amphitheater, a popular site for cultural events. A short stroll from the Dan Caesarea Hotel, is the still identifiable Hippodrome which once held chariot races for 20,000 spectators. A favorite with visitors is Caesarea’s museum, dedicated to Latin-American contemporary art – entrance is free. A 15-minute drive will take you to the hilltop town of Zichron Ya’akov, founded by Baron Edmund de Rothschild in 1882, and the superb Ramat Hanadiv Botanical Gardens. Take a drive along the wine route and visit the area’s fine boutiques and large wineries welcoming visitors eager to sample their products.