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LIVE Events and Experiential Weekends at the Dan Hotels
24 Oct 2021

The Dan Hotels chain offers experiential weekend deals at its hotels throughout the country. Looking forward to two months filled with experiential weekends, here are some past live performances and successful events at the chain’s hotels.

We all deserve a relaxing vacation at a quality luxury hotel offering everything you need for an unforgettable and enjoyable vacation, and E-DAN Club members also deserve to enjoy a wide range of LIVE events and experiential weekends with the best artists, performers and chefs.

The LIVE events held at the Dan Hotels throughout the country are highly successful. Here are just some of the Dan Hotel experiential weekend events:

  • Assaf Granit and Hadag Nahash  –an experiential weekend at the Dan Acadia hotel in April 2021. The event included a special dinner prepared by the Michelin-starred chef Assaf Granit who cooked together with the Machneyuda  team and the Dan Acadia chef, the Dag Nahash in a Friday afternoon and into the sunset performance, and an abundance of culinary delights served by the hotel chef throughout the weekend.
  • Ivri Lider and the Batsheva Dance Company dancers an experiential weekend at the King David hotel in May 2021. The guests enjoyed an amazing vacation with dinner prepared by the hotel chef Roi Antebi, and a one of a kind performance of Ivri Lider, DJ Tomer Maizner and Batsheva Dance Company dancers.
  • Gal Ben Moshe  –a LIVE event at the Dan Tel Aviv hotel in July 2021 with the Michelin-starred chef  Gal Ben Moshe. The event included dinner based solely on local meat and fish and a one-on-one talk with the esteemed chef the next day.
  • The Girafot and chef Golan Israeli an experiential and especially rhythmic weekend with a rousing performance of the Girafot and dinner prepared by the chef Golan Israeli. The event took place at the Dan Acadia hotel in June 2021.
  • T-Slam – a special weekend with a performance of the T-Slam band and a gourmet meal prepared by the chef of the Dan Acadia hotel. This incredibly successful event took place in July 2021.
  • Mercedes Band and chef Golan Israeli an unforgettable weekend for Dan Acadia guests, with a perfect performance of Mercedes Band and a gourmet meal prepared by the chef Golan Israeli. The event took place at the Dan Acadia hotel in August 2021.
  • Family event with Mergui – an experiential weekend for the entire family at the Dan Jerusalem hotel, with the children’s superstar, artist and model Mergui. The successful event took place in August 2021.
  • A tribute performance to Queen and to the songs of Tzvika Pik (October 2021) – an experiential music, culture and culinary weekend at the Dan Jerusalem hotel. Guests will enjoy tribute performances to Queen and to the songs of Tzvika Pik,  with the participation of Michal Amdursky.
  • Shlomi Shaban and Efrat Gosh (October 2021) – an experiential weekend that will include a performance of Shlomi Shaban and Efrat Gosh, a gourmet dinner prepared by the chef Barak Yehezkeli and many more pampering treats. The event will take place at the Dan Carmel hotel.


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Upcoming LIVE Events

The Dan Hotels chain is proud to announce the following upcoming LIVE events:

  • Chef Haim Cohen (November 2021) – an amazing experiential weekend with Haim Cohen, the most beloved chef in Israel. Guests will enjoy a dinner prepared by the chef and a one-on-one with him the next day. The event will take place at the King David hotel.