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Mrs. Juliette Greco at the Dan Tel Aviv Hotel picture
Mrs. Juliette Greco at the Dan Tel Aviv Hotel
11 May 2015

The French actress and the Grande Dame of Chansons, Mrs. Juliette Greco, arrived with her husband and their entourage

The General Manager of Dan Tel Aviv, Mr. Etai Eliaz, met the famous 88-year old singer upon her arrival, where he welcomed her to her very first stay at the Dan hotel.
After the warm welcome, the singer and her husband were escorted to the hotel's Royal suite, overlooking the Mediterranean, where they had many treats awaiting for them.
Following their rest, the legendary singer, her husband, Mr. Gerard Jouannest who is her Pianist, and their band members had dinner at the Dan Tel Aviv's luxurious Chef Restaurant, "Hayarkon 99". The singer greatly enjoyed the restaurant atmosphere along with the exquisite cuisine. 
The "La Gréco“ sold out one-time concert here in Israel at the Mann Auditorium this evening marks Mrs. Greco's Farewell World Tour.
Photo: Israel Hadari
In the photos: Mrs. Juliette Greco and the General Manager of the Dan Tel Aviv hotel, Mr. Etai Eliaz.