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China Israel Conference At the Dan Tel Aviv picture
China Israel Conference At the Dan Tel Aviv
30 Mar 2015

The conference launched the China-Israel Joint Task Force that aims to advance economic relations between the two countries

The China Israel Cooperation Conference was held at the Dan Tel Aviv Hotel and was sponsored by the Prime Minister's Office, the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute, and the Joint Task Force which cooperates with the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission.

Over 250 distinguished guests attended this event, among them, the Chinese Ambassador, H.E.Zhan Yongxin ,Deputy Director General of for Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Yaffa Ben Ari, Head of the Israel Export institute, Mr. Ofer Sachs Israel, Head of the National Economic Council at the Prime Minister’s Office of Israel , Prof. Eugene Kandel, CFO and member of the board of Bright Food ,Mr. Cao Xiaofeng, the company which recently purchased the controlling share of Israel's dairy producer Tnuva , Mr. Yuval Rabin ,The son of late Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin, and many more.

The conference was held at the King David Hall. During the event speeches were presented by Prof. Eugene Kandel, H.E.Zhan Yongxin, and more. Lectures and panels covered topics ranging from Chinese investments in Israel, to conducting academic and business collaborations in China. .

The evening ended with a meal which included appetizers and cocktails kosher for Passover.

In Photos: CFO and member of the board of Bright Food ,Mr. Cao Xiaofeng
Photo: Israel Hadari.