Eilat Attractions

There is so much to do in Eilat, including some unique attractions such as the Dolphin Reef, the underwater observatory, nature trails and a host of fun activities. In this section, you will find a variety of attractions and things that should not be missed. So Without further ado, here are the best things to do in Eilat, Israel's southernmost city.

Local Attractions


Winter Activities For Kids In Eilat

Eilat is one of Israel’s most well-known cities because of its sunny climate most of the year, its inviting beaches, and more. But Eilat also offers a great range of activities for kids even when swimming season is over. Before you finalize your Eilat booking, let’s introduce you to Eilat’s winter activities for kids.

Winter attractions for children in Eilat

The Israeli winter has never stopped Israelis from going on vacation locally, and filling their holiday with activities that are outside the warm environs of their hotel. Unlike Europe, for example, Israel’s winter tends to be a lot milder, and Eilat’s is the warmest of anywhere in Israel. Eilat, Israel’s tourist drawing city, has only a few days of rain a year, and winter will be pleasant, with a noticeably warmer temperature than the rest of the country. This lets visitors to Eilat enjoy a wide range of attractions without needing to worry about harsh weather, with a warm jacket being enough for when the day is a bit cooler.

So, what can Eilat offer you in winter?


Top 94 Park

The city’s northern entrance is the location of a relatively new extreme park. Top 24 holds several great extreme installations such as the bow and arrow range, paintball, “tree climbing” to heights of about 23 meters, and more. Some park areas are roofed so that kids can enjoy them all the way through winter.

Underwater Observatory

Established in 1974, this is one of Eilat’s renowned attractions, summer or winter. The site offers some amazing activities, including a lookout into the shark tank, a simulator clip, lookouts over the corals and fish feeding… and it’s all under cover which means you won't have to worry about the rain (which rarely falls!)


Eilat Year-round Dolphin Reef

This is always among the top three attractions for kids in Eilat, summer or winter, because there’s nothing like romping with these amazingly intelligent and gentle creatures which show such closeness to humans. Enjoy the observation point, or games outside the water if it’s too cold to get in.


Eilat Botanical Gardens

A kind of refreshing desert oasis of stunning beauty, this site is in the city’s northern region. Eilat’s botanical gardens let you stroll with the kids, stop at the many attractive points along the pathways, and even enjoy a rainforest (yes! you read that right!) which is a worldwide first, including a diversity of tropical plants never seen before in Israel. This is a great place for an educational experiential outing that lets visitors enjoy a unique view to the city and the Mountains of Edom.


Stalbet al-Hamayim Hot Sulfur Springs

It used to be that Tiberias was the only place where hot sulfur springs were found. Until they also showed up in Eilat!  Stalbet al Hamayim, which literally means “relaxing waters,” is in the Dolphin Reef. The hot pools are surrounded by the botanical gardens. Relaxing music emanates from underwater speakers. Less suited to very young children, the hot pools are a great experience for families with older children.



A club, and a unique attraction for Dan Hotel guests. This is a great option for winter holidays spent resting in Eilat’s hotels. Club activities are diversified and include competitions, games, reading corners, crafts, and even inflated play and amusement installations of the kinds Dan Panorama Eilat frequently sets up in Eilat. The Dan hotels also hold quality entertainment events and performances which can easily fill a day or two inside the hotel.


These are just some of the great reasons to spend a winter holiday with your children in Eilat. You'll also get to enjoy great prices, deals, and the city’s restful winter atmosphere. So pack your bags and head on south for a sunny winter holiday.

diving in eilat

Nautical Attractions in Eilat – Recommended Diving Sites

Looking for attractions in Eilat? If you ever thought about diving sites in Eilat, you’ve come to the right place. In the following paragraphs, we will focus on three spectacular diving sites in Eilat.


The Japanese Gardens

The Japanese Gardens are a treasure, located in the southern part of the Almog Beach Reserve. This is the largest and best preserved diving site in Eilat, as it contains an impressive line of coral reefs which are a sample of the natural maritime environment of the city of Eilat. To our great joy, this area has not been significantly damaged by destructive processes that have affected other reefs. There are those that say that the shallow part of the reef is slightly reminiscent of Japanese gardens. Other than that, there is no real connection between Japanese gardening and the reef, which is spectacular in its own right. The site is located in an area that is perfect for diving on almost every day of the year. It is recommended to visit the site in the morning hours and up to early noon, in order to enjoy both enough light and multicolored fish. It is important to get updates on the site’s diving instruction, that are published by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority.


The Mosquito

The Mosquito is one of the special diving sites in Eilat. This site is unique and half-artificial, that includes a small patrol boat that was sunk there on purpose in 1986. Around the boat, underwater life has developed as only the sea knows how to do, and therefore today you can dive around the boat and enjoy the fish, corals and all the water’s treasures. In order to reach the site, it is recommend to have the assistance of a certified diving instructor and take the long way, that includes a relatively long, steep, but safer descent concerning the depth of the water. In general, you should never disregard safety – when visiting the dive sites in Eilat, don’t depend on too little experience, dive only with a certified instructor or in organized groups according to the instructions. The Mosquito is not a huge boat, but it does contain closed-off areas that one should not go into, even if they look like they are easy to get out of.


Wadi HaDekel Beach

This is one of the most recommended dive sites, recommend especially for both beginners and professionals (if you are an advanced diver, you probably know the site already). This is an underwater wadi (gulch) located between two rocky drops, on which spectacular coral reefs have developed, but there are also pieces of junk that remain there, which over the years have been turned into homes by the fish. Unfortunately, there are also abandoned fish cages there, which people used illegally in the past. The wadi wanders around to various depths of up to 40 meters, therefore pay attention to where you are diving and how deep you intend to descend. Many people have describe the place as a “Garden of Eden” of fish and sea creatures.


In conclusion, it is important to once again remind you of the importance of safety. Remember that diving in Eilat is a question of skill, especially when descending to the natural depths of many of the coral reefs on Eilat’s shores. Do yourselves a favor and choose a certified diving instructor or diving school, even if you have some diving experience. Only by diving safely will you be able to really enjoy the dive, the coral reefs, the fish and the spectacular underwater landscapes.

park timna picture

Recommended trips in Eilat: on foot, by bicycle and in 4x4 SUVs

Do you want to feel the outdoors? There are many enjoyable trips and routes to see Eilat’s desert views and landscapes. So, without further ado, here are some interesting suggestions for excursions on foot, bicycle tours and jeep outings in Eilat and the surrounding area.


Excursion on foot


One of the perfect excursions in Eilat is a trip to the Holland Forest. The Holland Forest is a forest planted by Keren Kayemet LeIsrael, located in the gullies between Eilat and Kibbutz Eilot. The area is very barren, and therefore the existence of the trees there is due only to artificial irrigation (as opposed to other Keren Kayemet forests in Israel). The forest is close to the city of Eilat, next to Sheshet HaYamim boulevard (on the northern side). The site is next to the Big Center, from where it is possible to start the route. For those arriving by car, you can go to the traffic circle at the entrance to the city, turn onto Sheshet HaYamim boulevard and continue for about half a kilometer until the signs pointing to the park. In the forest, there is a pathway marked in green, about 2 kms in length. Along the path, there are signs explaining about the trees that were planted there. You can continue on, either from the start or the end of the path, to the Alik birdwatching site, from where you can look out over the city at leisure, and also over Aqaba.


Bicycle tour

Trips in Eilat can definitely include bicycle tours in Eilat and its surroundings, including a bicycle tour around the Timna Park. On one hand, this is a park that is located some 25 kms from Eilat, but for biking fans, it is recommended to stop there before arriving in Eilat or on the way home. KK”L (Keren Kayemet LeIsrael) has prepared 14kms of bicycle paths there, of various degrees of difficulty. There are also routes that are suitable for families and if you don’t have a bike, you can rent one on the spot. The best-know route in the park is the “Single Timna”. The meaning of the name comes from the fact that in many places along the route, there is only room on the path for one rider at a time. The whole route is 14kms along, at a level of medium difficulty. The route starts and ends at the Timna Lake and among other things, goes past the impressive Amram Pillars. The entrance to Park Timna requires payment. Additional details are available at the Park Timna website.


Jeep outings

The Eilat Mountains offer many routes for jeep outings, among which is the charming tour at Evrona (a nature reserve). The route starts from the eastern side of the Arava Highway, and you can plan ahead to go to Ein Evrona. From there, you continue on for some 3kms on the road marked in black, until you see the extraordinary Doum Palm trees in the reserve. Thereafter, you can start according to the red markings (in a south-western direction). You can stop from time to time when you see something special, like flamingos in the reserve’s pools in the winter. After reaching the greenhouse area, you can continue back to Highway 90, or alternatively, turn north and reach the Evrona Farm and the remains of the wells. It is recommended to have a map of trips from KK”L, where routes and excursions are marked (no. 20 for the Eilat area). In any event, if you are not sure that you can manage on your own, you can always find a tour company that offers jeep tours in Eilat, where you can also drive by yourself.


In addition to the routes that are presented here, there are many other routes in Eilat that are also suitable for families with children. It is highly recommended to include at least one route during your vacation, in order to absorb the beautiful desert scenery of the Eilat region. Don’t worry, the pampering room and the strong air-conditioner are waiting for you back at your hotel at the end of the day.