Eilat Attractions

We have gathered a wide range of things to do and must-see attractions for you, both in Eilat and on your way there. Highlights include winter attractions, major shopping centers and much more.

Local Attractions

Heading south to Eilat? Activities for kids along the way

There isn't a kid in Israel who hasn’t heard of the activities they can enjoy in Eilat, but the trip down could also be a challenge if you're driving with kids. So if you're weighing the option of flying or driving, take a look at this list of fun things to do along the way that’ll make the journey a great family experience!


Arava nature and desert aromas

The past few years have seen an abundance of initiatives taking shape in the Arava, based around agriculture and ecology in the region. One is Elat Arava, a visitors’ center in Tzukim which holds experiential family workshops suited to children aged 4 and up, where you make your own soap, mobiles, and more. The site is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm. Join a workshop by booking in advance.

Another activity is Aloevera House, also known as JustAloe, in Ein Yahav, where you'll find a shop for aloe vera products. The aloe vera is harvested from a local grove which is unique in the Mediterranean. You can book a free tour and enjoy experiential input about Arava pioneering history, the agricultural developments in the region, and uniquely local research. Ein Yahav’s aloevera store is just a 90 minute drive from the Eilat hotels region, which even makes it an easy half day trip out of Eilat itself.


Ramon Crater Visitors’ Center

One of the exciting places to stop on your way to Eilat is Israel’s renowned Ramon Crater, recommended for its breathtaking beauty. The stunning observation spot faces this vast crater. Nearby you can also enjoy the desert zoological garden called “Hai Ramon.” It’s a relaxing moment before you get to Eilat proper. The renewed visitors’ center, named for the late Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon, presents wonders of the region, and the crater’s unique geology alongside an exhibition about Ilan Ramon, a model spaceship, his original space suit, a moving video commemorating Ilan Ramon, and more. The center opens from 8 am, and tours require advance booking.


Hey, south we go, to Ein Ovdat

Stop on Road 40 at the Ovdat National Reserve, with amazing archeological remains of the ancient Nabatean civilization on what’s known as The Incense Route. A visitors’ center offers a brief film on the region’s fascinating history, then visit the region itself and make your own impressions of the ancient inhabitants’ rich cultural life and structures. The site is open year round from 8 am, with a token entrance fee. Experiential activities are held for children, with crafts, tasks and prizes. Check in advance.


Are we there yet? Almost… but first let’s stop at Top 94 Park

This is a huge, invested and air condition meditation challenge site suited to all family members, with a variety of climbing walls for different wall climbing levels, go-cart tracks, rope park, paintball and more. Right nearby is the Negev Fighters Musuem with displays of historical weapons and testimonies on the battles fought in the Negev, from the First World War to the Ovda Operation. Top 94 is in the Shehoret Industrial Zone just 3 km north of Eilat.


And one more activity, right in Eilat

Now that the children have had a great time on their way to Eilat, and right before you dive into the city itself, figuratively and literally, we recommend one more thing that you won't even need to leave your hotel for: the Dan Eilat Hotel Daniland Club. It’s unique to Dan Hotel guests, with a variety of activities produced by a special team. Enjoy computer games, inflatable playtime installations, movies, info and reading spots, experiential competitions, workshops and more! Our club is open 10.30 am to 1 pm and again from 3 pm to 6 pm. The perfect entertainment for your children!


Drive to Eilat and start your vacation on the way!

Remember, driving to Eilat doesn’t have to be tiring, or tiresome. Just choose your stopovers and activities, and start your holiday activities on your way to your holiday location!

What to buy in Eilat

Eilat, making a buzz as the city with no VAT (Value Added Tax).  What’s worth buying? What kinds of savings can you enjoy, especially when sales are on? Are all products worth buying here?

Use these tips for smart Eilat shopping.


Firstly, which products are VAT exempt?

Many people don’t seem to realize that not all products purchased in Eilat are VAT exempt. The law lists items sold in Eilat which must carry VAT, such as jewelry or watches valued at higher than $200, vehicles (including motorbikes and jet skis in certain cases), TVs, and tobacco and cigarette products. But this doesn’t mean you have to give up your dream of a shopping spree in Eilat. Check out Eilat’s shops because there’s a good chance that even though you may have to add VAT, the item you're after will still be cheaper here than in central Israel, for example.


Electrical and electronic goods

Many people have switched to buying electronic goods through the internet without ever entering a store. On the other hand, many of Eilat’s stores offer such items at great prices, sometimes lower than you'll find on the internet, giving you excellent savings if you're willing to go into the city and pick the items up yourself.

Our tip: do that kind of shopping when you’ve set aside time for it and not at the last second when you're almost on your way home. The price differences, including the VAT exemption, make purchases of electronic goods in Eilat, especially for generally costly items, really worthwhile.



As a result of the VAT exemption in Eilat on clothing, most visitors take maximum advantage of the saving and shop for winter and summer apparel irrelevant of their vacation’s season. We warmly recommend checking the stores and stocking up for the whole year, which comes out to great savings. Large chain stores often have great sales, and minus the VAT, you really get to enjoy fantastic prices. You might also find great prices on the smaller private stores but take into account that they aren't obligated to match chain store prices. Get yourself a new wardrobe, head to foot!


Baby gear

Not everyone realizes that Eilat is a place where you can make big savings on baby gear and brands because of the VAT exemption. This includes carriages and strollers, carriers, chairs and more. Just check in advance with the store if the items you want are in stock because quality carriages, bouncers, car seats and more get snapped up fast!


... and it’s also important to know where to do your shopping in Eilat!

Here’s a list of the really worthwhile shopping centers to visit:

Big Eilat with 10,000 square meters of fun and fabulous shopping. You'll find familiar chains and other stores. Easy parking options.

The New Ice Mall has an ice rink in the center, and the upper floors offers shops, entertainment for all ages, restaurants, and all kinds of activities.

Red is right on the waterfront and really close to Eilat’s hotels. It’s got a great variety of fashion stores, leisure activities, stores for children’s goods, and more. Well cared for and invested, it’s a really pleasant place to spend some time.


And what can you do when the shopping spree is all done?

Come back home to your Dan Hotel room and rest up with Dan Eilat or Dan Panorama services. Book your holiday now and enjoy great rooms, meals and highest hosting standards in the city. Once your shopping spree is done, enjoy all the ways Dan Hotels can pamper you best.

Clothing In Eilat

Have you made your booking for Eilat and started dreaming about shopping? Here’s some information about shops and malls you won't want to miss, and tips to help you decide where and when to buy clothes in Eilat and update your wardrobe!


How does a zero VAT outlet sound?

Before you head off to apparel stores without VAT in Eilat, it’s worth stopping at a place like B.G. Outlet. The store is huge, modern and unique, offering outlet items from leading Israeli and international brands such as Lee Cooper, Timberland, Nine West and many more! The store’s located not far from the Laguna, in Ofira Park, and open Sundays to Thursdays and Saturday nights (in winter too!). By the way, the store’s really close to some of Eilat’s great hotels, such as Dan Panorama. In the city you'll find other outlet stores worth stopping at, such as Golf & Co., or Adidas.


Designer stores and boutiques for women

There’s also a great variety of boutiques offering items in different areas of fashion, from designer clothing to classy accessories at very affordable prices. You'll find some of these boutiques right near the Dan Hotel along the promenade, including Maya Negri, Ronen Chen and others. If designer clothing is your thing, you’ll love these stores. And here’s a tip from Eilat locals: the King Solomon promenade has designer galleries with items at better prices than you'll find in the city center or northern city area.


A must-see: Ice Mall

The ice park has everything, not just when it comes to shopping. At its center you'll find the ice skating rink, floors devoted to all kinds of shops, and even an artists’ market. You'll find brands and food stalls, cafés and more. If the kids want a break, take them to the huge games hall on the upper level, or to the mini playground on the lower level. There’s never a lack of what to do at the Ice Mall. We recommend this shopping center which lets you enjoy one store after another, all with no VAT.


Mall Hayam Eilat

A great place for clothes shopping, Eilat’s much loved Mall Hayam is one of the oldest and most profitable malls in Israel, and for good reason. When it comes to shopping, you'll find a great array, from cosmetics to jewelry, sports goods to shoes, casual and classy clothing, at great prices. Enjoy the special Eilat atmosphere associated with this mall.


When’s the best time for clothes shopping in Eilat?

Eilat runs sales at the same time that the rest of the country does. But here’s a tip: we recommend coming in fall and even in winter, when you'll enjoy end of season prices from summer items, get the latest in new winter gear, and enjoy a pleasant and less crowded shopping experience. We always recommend comparing prices, especially if your Eilat visit focuses on shopping. A final tip: clothes stores which aren't part of a chain aren't obligated to offer cheaper prices, but many have agreed to maintain a range that keeps the prices of their items accessible. Definitely worth spending some time checking out all your options.

Winter Activities For Kids In Eilat

Eilat is one of Israel’s most well-known cities because of its sunny climate most of the year, its inviting beaches, and more. But Eilat also offers a great range of activities for kids even when swimming season is over. Before you finalize your Eilat booking, let’s introduce you to Eilat’s winter activities for kids.

Winter attractions for children in Eilat

The Israeli winter has never stopped Israelis from going on vacation locally, and filling their holiday with activities that are outside the warm environs of their hotel. Unlike Europe, for example, Israel’s winter tends to be a lot milder, and Eilat’s is the warmest of anywhere in Israel. Eilat, Israel’s tourist drawing city, has only a few days of rain a year, and winter will be pleasant, with a noticeably warmer temperature than the rest of the country. This lets visitors to Eilat enjoy a wide range of attractions without needing to worry about harsh weather, with a warm jacket being enough for when the day is a bit cooler.

So, what can Eilat offer you in winter?


Top 94 Park

The city’s northern entrance is the location of a relatively new extreme park. Top 24 holds several great extreme installations such as the bow and arrow range, paintball, “tree climbing” to heights of about 23 meters, and more. Some park areas are roofed so that kids can enjoy them all the way through winter.

Underwater Observatory

Established in 1974, this is one of Eilat’s renowned attractions, summer or winter. The site offers some amazing activities, including a lookout into the shark tank, a simulator clip, lookouts over the corals and fish feeding… and it’s all under cover which means you won't have to worry about the rain (which rarely falls!)


Eilat Year-round Dolphin Reef

This is always among the top three attractions for kids in Eilat, summer or winter, because there’s nothing like romping with these amazingly intelligent and gentle creatures which show such closeness to humans. Enjoy the observation point, or games outside the water if it’s too cold to get in.


Eilat Botanical Gardens

A kind of refreshing desert oasis of stunning beauty, this site is in the city’s northern region. Eilat’s botanical gardens let you stroll with the kids, stop at the many attractive points along the pathways, and even enjoy a rainforest (yes! you read that right!) which is a worldwide first, including a diversity of tropical plants never seen before in Israel. This is a great place for an educational experiential outing that lets visitors enjoy a unique view to the city and the Mountains of Edom.


Stalbet al-Hamayim Hot Sulfur Springs

It used to be that Tiberias was the only place where hot sulfur springs were found. Until they also showed up in Eilat!  Stalbet al Hamayim, which literally means “relaxing waters,” is in the Dolphin Reef. The hot pools are surrounded by the botanical gardens. Relaxing music emanates from underwater speakers. Less suited to very young children, the hot pools are a great experience for families with older children.



A club, and a unique attraction for Dan Hotel guests. This is a great option for winter holidays spent resting in Eilat’s hotels. Club activities are diversified and include competitions, games, reading corners, crafts, and even inflated play and amusement installations of the kinds Dan Panorama Eilat frequently sets up in Eilat. The Dan hotels also hold quality entertainment events and performances which can easily fill a day or two inside the hotel.


These are just some of the great reasons to spend a winter holiday with your children in Eilat. You'll also get to enjoy great prices, deals, and the city’s restful winter atmosphere. So pack your bags and head on south for a sunny winter holiday.

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