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The World Belongs to the Children

Danyland, the Dan Hotel's kids’ club, which has become a brand name, promises children a wonderful experience they remember, even long after the vacation is over...

“Our guests’ children are as important as their parents”, says Ditza Ben Moshe, director of the Dan Hotels customer clubs, and in one succinct sentence she gives us the motto for Danyland, the Dan Hotels kids clubs, that have changed the hotel’s hospitality concept regarding children. In order to understand the huge leap Dan Hotels have made, we should recall not such fond memories of family vacations in the days before Danyland: parents used to go on holiday on their own and pack the kids off to an aunt, or – best-case scenario – when they did take the children with them, they had to find suitable non-stop activities for them – a real headache, even for the most creative parents….

And then Danyland came along and completely changed the rules of the game: at each of the Dan Hotels there is a well-planned and well-equipped area for fun and adventure, offering all kinds of attractions and activities for children. Experienced counselors take care of every detail to ensure that the children have a wonderful experience and that the parents can enjoy everything the hotel and its surroundings have to offer with complete peace of mind.

This romance between Dan Hotels and children is growing steadily stronger, and in recent years there has been a real turnaround in the way of thinking and investment of resources when it comes to activities for children: “We have been trying to learn about the needs of our young clientele so we can provide them and their parents with a better hospitality experience”, says Rafi Baeri, VP Sales & Marketing of the Dan Hotels, “we have divided our kids’ clubs into three age groups, because what is good for a seven-year-old is not going to suit a teenager….” The results were not long in coming: Danyland has been expanded and now oversees the three different age groups in separate play areas – toddlers, kids and youth. At the same time, the kids’ clubs have been redesigned and renovated, and every effort has been made to provide the most attractive response to the needs of the family vacation in all Dan hotels.

A submarine, a spaceship and a treasure cave

A quick peek into the kids’ club at the Dan Eilat Hotel reveals three areas which excellently visualize for us what a creative and imaginative concept can do: the Dany Baby area is designed as an underwater space. All over its walls and ceiling multidimensional films of the fascinating underwater world are screened, making you feel as if you are in a submarine with all kinds of sea creatures swimming around you. And the areas for the older kids are no less exciting: Dany Kid is designed as a forest and takes the kids on an adventure-filled journey through the foliage with a lab and games related to science and ecology. Dany Club is an area designed as a hi-tech spaceship equipped with all the latest games for the youngsters’ leisure time: Sony Playstation screens, Band Hero with a stage, Wii stations and Xbox rooms.

The unique location of the Dan Ceasarea in the heart of green spaces provides inspiration for a range of action and adrenaline-filed activities: a rope park, ziplining between trees or into the water, flying kites and gliders the kids have just made in the creativity corner, and other attractions and fun games such as a sack race, all making the most of the natural open spaces all around them. Some of the activities let the parents join in the fun for that family atmosphere – around the campfire with tabun-baked pita bread, a circle of drummers and so forth. The sports facilities on the hotel grounds – tennis court, mini-golf, soccer field and basketball court – are also used for challenging sports competitions.

A beautiful, welcoming space designed as an ancient treasure cave welcomes the children as they enter Danyland at the Dan Jerusalem Hotel. It is the perfect place to play and have fun at any age: a play area for toddlers, art sand craft corners for children and for the teens – sophisticated computer games and the musical video game Guitar Hero, pool and soccer tables. And in between games – a break at the “bar’ complete with high stools, just like the grown-ups…..


Summer at Danyland is full of surprises

Dan Hotels are working on developing high-quality riveting games and content of educational value for children around current events: last year it was the Olympic games that inspired sports activities, and this summer Danyland will zoom in on one of the most important and interesting topics – ecology and sustainability. “The idea is to give children experiences that are connected to nature”, says Ditza Ben Moshe, who defines herself as the “mother” of Danyland, “they will go bird watching, observe insects and ‘creepy-crawlies”, and will put together their own kit with binoculars, a periscope and a magnifying glass all made of recycled materials, of course.”

“When the child is happy, so are the parents”, sums up Rafi Baeri, “our investment in Danyland creates customer loyalty and the result is that the parents come back to us because the children ask them to...”

-The Dan Magazine

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