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Diplomatic relations between France and Israel picture
Diplomatic relations between France and Israel
21 Jan 2015

A conference was held on the topic of diplomatic relations between France and Israel in the last 10 years at the Dan Tel Aviv Hotel

This event consisted of the French Ambassador in Israel, Mr. Patrick Mzoonab, President of the French-Jewish Organization called the CRIF, Mr. Richard Zuckerman, The last five of Israel's ambassadors in France, Mr. Eliyahu Ben Alisher, (Israeli ambassador to France from 1998-2000), Eli Bar-Navi, (Israeli ambassador to France from 2000 to 2002), Mr. Nissim Zvili, (Israeli ambassador to France from 2002-2005), Mr. Daniel Shek, (Israeli ambassador to France from 2006 to 2011), and the current Israeli ambassador in France, Mr. Yossi Gal, and 100 other delegates including officials from Bank Leumi.
The conference was held at Kata- Dan Hall. During the event speeches were presented by the French ambassador in Israel, The last five Israeli Ambassadors and a speech by Mr. Zuckerman.
The Crif, is the Representative Council of French Jews in Israel whose aim is strengthening ties between French Jews to Israel.
At this time, strengthening the relations becomes even more important in light of the recent unfortunate events in France. 
Photos: Israel Hadari
In the photo: Mr. Yigal Palmor