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The Dan Hotels is the oldest, most prestigious hotel chain in Israel. The Dan Hotels collection includes 14 hotels and it is the most recognized name in the Israeli hotel industry. While each hotel has an individual character, all Dan Hotels share the same  dedication to perfection.


Chairman of the Board - Michael Federmann.
Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors- Ami Federmann.
CEO- Raffi Sadeh

Market share:

Dan Hotels has 14 hotels, with a total of 3,847 rooms. The Ministry of Tourism of the Government of Israel has rated the majority of hotels in the chain as First Class and the rest are ranked Tourist Class.
Dan Hotels manages and operates five business lounges and a VIP lounge at Ben Gurion Airport , in conjunction with other business companies. The chain also owns and manages the " King David Towers" in Tel Aviv, which includes apartments and commercial space, and owns a third of the commercial center "Mall Panorama Haifa".
Dan Hotels operates two vocational schools ( a hotel and culinary school) - Dan Gourmet Tel Aviv (a joint venture with ORT Israel) and Dan Gourmet Haifa.
In addition Dan Hotels is also the parent "idit" catering company that provides services including for the Israel Defense Forces.


The Dan Hotel Chain employs some 3,644 staff members.

Hotels in the Group:

In Jerusalem:
King David (237 rooms), Dan Jerusalem (505 rooms), Dan Panorama Jerusalem (292 rooms), Dan Boutique (129 rooms).
In Haifa:
Dan Carmel (227 rooms), Dan Panorama Haifa (266 rooms), Dan Gardens Haifa (31 rooms).
In Tel Aviv:
Dan Tel Aviv (280 rooms), Dan Panorama Tel Aviv (476 rooms).
In Eilat:
Dan Eilat (375 rooms), Dan Panorama Eilat (277rooms).
In Ashkelon:
Dan Gardens Ashkelon (248 rooms).
In Herzliya-on-Sea:
Dan Accadia (209 rooms).
In Caesarea:
Dan Caesarea (114 rooms).

Business Turnover:

Revenue in 2013 - approximately -1.14 billion NIS.
Equity as at 31 December, 2013 to 909 million NIS.
Equity as at 31 December, 2012 to 873.8 million NIS.
Equity as at 31 December, 2011 about 804 million NIS.
Average occupancy in 2013 to 66.3%


Tourists made up about 58% of all overnight stays at the Dan Hotel chain in 2013 and the rest were Israeli vacationers.

Marketing and Sales:

Dan Hotels is represented by a New York office handling North American and Canadian Sales and Marketing. The Dan Hotels also maintains links with large agencies and tour operators in Israel and abroad.
The King David Hotel is represented by the exclusive,  world renowned "Leading Hotels of The World".
All other Dan Hotels are represented by Utell. Marketing is planned and executed by the head office in Tel Aviv. In addition, under the direction of the head office, each hotel is responsible for its individual sales.
Bauman Ber Rivnai is the advertising agency representing the Dan Hotels. Public relations is handled by Rahav Communications Ltd, Sue Newman is responsible for overseas public relations and Geoffrey Weill and Associates represent the Dan Hotels in North America.
Dan Hotels operates 'Call Dan' Central Reservations Center, servicing the public, tour and travel agents and corporate clients.

Business Services:

The Dan Hotels Corporation specializes in answering the special needs of business guests, including clubs, business lounges, and providing today's most advanced technology and equipment.

Company Structure:

Dan Hotels management is headed by the CEO who reports to the Board of Directors. The CEO is assisted by the professional division heads. The divisions are divided as follows: Organization and Human Resources, Finance, Marketing and Sales, Technical Division (construction and renovations), Food and Beverages, Information Technology, Purchasing and Control.


Each Dan Hotel is managed as a profit center measured on the basis of its professional and commercial results. The management of the chain, located at 111 Hayarkon Street in Tel Aviv has an effective supervisory network through its professional divisions, ensuring compliance with the standards and objectives that have been set. It obliges the hotels to meet professional standards by means of clear procedures in every professional field, in order to ensure a uniformly high level of service and quality personnel and management. This uniform standard is also achieved through professional instruction and training activities carried out in the framework of the Company Training Departmentand and in 'Dan Gourmet' School. The college assembles all the chain's training programs under one roof and enables every employee and manager to acquire knowledge and skills to better realize professional, leadership and personal potential.


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