Accessibility at Dan Tel Aviv

We do our best to ensure the accessibility of all of the hotels in the chain, for all types of disabilities.
For your convenience, the accessibility arrangements at your service at Dan Tel Aviv are listed here:

Accessibility arrangements at the Dan Tel-Aviv

Handicap accessible parking



The hotel features 3 handicap accessible parking spaces (not suitable for tall cars)

Parking height restriction – 195 cm

In addition, the front of the hotel features 8 additional handicap accessible parking spaces

Hotel’s main entrance




The distance from the handicap accessible parking spaces in the hotel’s parking lot to the hotel’s main entrance is 25 meters.

Entrance to the hotel for wheelchair users is via a ramp at an 10% incline

The main entrance door width is 120 cm

Public accessible lavatories




The accessible lavatory is located on the ground floor

The lavatory door width is 92 cm

A folding grab bar is available

The lavatory door opens outwards

Reception desk



An Induction loop is available for guests with hearing disabilities

A lowered and accessible desk is available

At the guest’s request, a registration card folder will be provided for in-room registration.






Elevator door width – 95 cm

Elevator interior size – 124 cm x 147 cm

Elevators include a voice announcement system for the vision impaired

Elevators include Braille buttons to assist the vision impaired

Swimming pools

An accessible path to the swimming pool is available

A wheelchair lift is available in the swimming pool

The public accessible lavatory is located nearby the swimming pool area

Dining room




An accessible path to the dining room is available.

Self-service buffet bar height is 90 cm

The hotel’s dining room staff is trained to help accommodate requests by guests with disabilities

Additional services











Guests arriving with a car featuring a handicap tag are entitled to free parking for the duration of their stay -Subject to availability

Guests may request to change the height of the bed or move furniture around within our accessible rooms

Guests may request assistance from our staff with receiving and returning Towels in the swimming pool area.

Guests may request assistance and escort for vision impaired guests

Guests may request that a parking space will be reserved in advance for guests with a handicap tag.

Service animal entry (including a guide dog) is permitted upon presentation of the appropriate permits prior to accommodation, and the stay in the hotel is subject to the provisions of the law.

Headline Accessible rooms

Accessible rooms at the hotel

Note: All Dan Hotels offer a service providing a ‘hearing impaired kit’ for use in our guest rooms at the guest’s request.

Dan Tel Aviv Accessible rooms

Room No.130

Executive Room


1st Floor

Distance from the elevator is 70 Meters.

Entrance door width is 87 cm

Room No. 365

Deluxe Room


3rd Floor

Distance from the Yarkon elevators is 14 Meters.

Entrance door width is 81 cm

Room No. 465

Deluxe Room


4th Floor

Distance from the Yarkon elevators is 14 Meters.

Entrance door width is 87 cm