Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement2

The policy we have proudly adopted at the Dan Hotels includes the implementation of the accessibility regulations by ensuring our hotels, facilities and infrastructure are adequately accessible, training our staff to provide accessible service, setting strict work procedures and conducting continuous inspections to ensure that we meet the standards required by law.


In addition, we at the Dan Hotels strive to provide fair opportunities to our employees who represent the many diverse groups within our community.


This policy has manifested itself throughout the years in the hiring of employees with special needs for a myriad of positions, whether it is in our headquarters or within our many different hotels.


In addition, we have worked hard to implement a new accessible website that has recently gone live - with the intention of continuing to update and improve its accessibility features to the best of our ability going forward.


The Dan Hotels website accessibility allows for easy and comfortable use for our hotel guests, including those with disabilities or special needs, maximizing our guests’ browsing experience.


We care a lot! If during your time browsing through and using our website you encounter any difficulty or issue, please notify us as soon as possible so we can continue improving the website’s accessibility features for our guests.


Specific accessibility information and details regarding each of our hotels is provided on our website inside the designated hotel pages.


Bookings can be made on our official website or through our reservation center at 03-7408988 )open Sundary through Thursday 8 AM – 9 PM) or via Email or fax – 03-7250718.


Service accessibility can be provided at a guest’s request also through voice, text (sms) or by any other mean necessary.


In addition, for any further questions regarding accessibility, you may contact our company’s accessibility trustee – Atty. Meital Barnea at phone number: +972-547529802 or via email at


We are committed to the above core principles and their implementation in every branch and department within our company and will be happy to receive any comments you may have in order to continue improving the experience we provide our guests.