Jerusalem Attractions

Considered to be the most abundant area of ​​interesting sites and things to do, you will find a variety of attractions for every age and every season in Jerusalem.

Apart from the holy sites of the three religions, the capital of Israel includes some of the most famous points of interest in the country.

The attractions in Jerusalem are fascinating and varied so you won't even have a minute to spare - starting with the Biblical zoo and the Israel Aquarium adjacent to it, through to the City of David site located near the Western Wall and strolling the alleys of the Mahane Yehuda market with its many colorful booths, cafes and authentic restaurants.

On this page we have collected for you the must-see attractions in Jerusalem, special attractions for children, special tours, museums and all the things you must do in Israel's capital city.

Local Attractions

Attractions for Children in Jerusalem

Attractions for Children in Jerusalem

Our capital city includes not a few attractions that are especially suitable for children, in addition to all the many historical sites. Here we will concentrate on recommendations for various types of attractions that can suit all ages, and to which some of them entrance is even free!



Israel Aquarium

Next to the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem, the first Israeli Aquarium was established, which includes a wide variety of magnificent fish, a unique path that will take visitors diving in the different marine environments of Israel, as well as giving information from a unique perspective about preserving the various marine-biological lifeforms in Israel.


In addition, the aquarium includes fascinating exhibitions and the possibility of professional guiding by the staff. Read more about the Israel Aquarium in Jerusalem in our blog.



The Monster Garden

Despite the fact that the garden was established sometime in the 1970s, this is one of the most iconic playgrounds in Israel – and in Jerusalem in particular.


The garden, which without a doubt has joined the list of leading attractions for children in Jerusalem, is known to generations of children and parents, both locals and foreigners, who come to slide down one of the well-known Monster’s three tongues.



The Time Elevator

The Time Elevator is the nickname for a type of interactive cinema that includes a number of simulation movies (“moving chairs”) and at the head of the list, the favorite movie where Haim Topol plays a Jerusalem character who will take you down to the depths of the earth, and from there to various periods in the history of Jewish Jerusalem, and in general.


The viewers will meet in this movie Kings and personalities from biblical times, experience various events by means of an interactive viewing experience, etc. Here there are additional movies on subjects such as The Human Body, Space, and more.



Taking part in sifting through rubble from the Temple Mount

This project is unique among the attractions in Jerusalem, and includes seeing and handling rubble from the Temple Mount, which originates from construction leftovers that were thrown from the mount at the end of the 1990s.


These remains were collected, studied as the result of a students’ initiative and since that have served many archeologists and visitors for experience-based research of the Temple Mount. Every family will receive a pail or two of un-sifted rubble (according to how much they complete) and a special place for sifting it, using a water shower above a special sieve.



The Valley of the Gazelles

The Valley of the Gazelles is one of the most intriguing and interesting sites concerning urban nature. The Valley of the Gazelles is the most outstanding urban nature sites in Israel, and the largest.


The valley lies between highways and neighborhoods, and has still managed to preserve a healthy and active flock of gazelles which constitutes part of the ecological mosaic here, which includes other animals and plants. Entrance to this place is free, and open from sunrise to sunset. You can receive explanations at the station located next to the main entrance.



The Jerusalem Bird Observatory

If we have already mentioned the Valley of the Gazelles, then immediately next to it and close to the Knesset building is a small and highly thought-out station for studying birds in Jerusalem. Like the Valley of the Gazelles, entrance to the station is free, and you can watch seasonal migrating birds that come to Jerusalem, especially next to the winter pond that exists here.


In addition, you can take in several ecological structures here, that combine modern construction and sustainable development. These buildings include ecologically constructed walls, roof gardens, and more.



The City of David

The City of David is an archeological site and national park in Jerusalem, located close to the Western Wall, from the direction of the Dung Gate. In contrast to what many thought up until a few years ago, the City of David – i.e. the ancient Jerusalem that was known to us from biblical times and especially since it was chosen by King David, was not located within the Old City walls but rather on this site on a neighboring hill.


Here are to be found secrets connected to many of the other kings, prophets and other famous personalities from Jewish History. You can purchase tickets here for a variety of possibilities, according to what you would like to do, which include a guided tour or independent walk, watching a movie, and more.

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King David - 55 Km

Dan Panorama Jerusalem - 56 Km

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Dan Jerusalem - 59 Km

We recommend to take a train from the airport to Yitzhak Navon station in Jerusalem from there you can take a bus, light rail or taxi to everywhere you wish in the city.