Jerusalem Attractions

Considered to be the most abundant area of ​​interesting sites and things to do, you will find a variety of attractions for every age and every season in Jerusalem.

Apart from the holy sites of the three religions, the capital of Israel includes some of the most famous points of interest in the country.

The attractions in Jerusalem are fascinating and varied so you won't even have a minute to spare - starting with the Biblical zoo and the Israel Aquarium adjacent to it, through to the City of David site located near the Western Wall and strolling the alleys of the Mahane Yehuda market with its many colorful booths, cafes and authentic restaurants.

On this page we have collected for you the must-see attractions in Jerusalem, special attractions for children, special tours, museums and all the things you must do in Israel's capital city.

Local Attractions

Restaurants in Jerusalem

Recommended Restaurants in Jerusalem

Many people like to use the term “Jerusalem Food”, but not everyone knows how to define it, and with good reason. Jerusalem food includes ethnic and Mediterranean influences, and lots of atmosphere, which each and every chef, in their own way, chooses to add to the food they create. Therefore, we have collected a choice of recommended restaurants in Jerusalem, by styles, tastes and aromas.



Vegan Restaurants

After having understood that food constitutes one of the more pleasant attractions in Jerusalem, and which integrates well with the rest of the things one can do in the capital, let’s talk about the relatively new scene in the city: the Vegan restaurants. There are not a few vegan restaurants in Jerusalem, or those that include a varied vegan menu and which are meant for both vegan and non-vegan clientele, with a creative and delicious menu.


One of these is the Nagila Restaurant, which boasts a host of hot dishes, salads, pastries, deserts and more. On the menu you can find breakfasts, salads, soups, main dishes and luscious deserts. The restaurant is located at 5 Mashiach Borochof Street.


Another restaurant from this field is Village Green, a successful chain that has a vegan branch in Jerusalem. The restaurant has a unique and well thought-out menu, which is meant to enable all the vegans, the vegetarians, etc., to enjoy healthy and tasty food, at a high and uncompromising, moral and general level. The branch is located at 5 Yoel Moshe Salomon Street.



Ethnic Restaurants

Jerusalem is one of the only cities in the country where one can find real ethnic restaurants, such that have an interesting story behind them and such that know how to combine the authentic-original tastes and recipes, and new cooking styles. One of the most famous of these is the Sima Restaurant, which was founded way back in 1969 by Sima herself. An immigrant from Iraq and a talented cook, who fed many customers, mainly from among the laborers in the market, with both Iraqi and Jerusalemite delicacies alike.



Gourmet Restaurants

Among the recommended restaurants in Jerusalem, there are of course amazing gourmet restaurants. Not a few Israelis, as well as tourists, come to Jerusalem to find there the gourmet restaurants that will give them a Jerusalem culinary experience that takes its inspiration from the local kitchen, as well as various kitchens around the world at the highest level. The first restaurant we will recommend is the La Regence Restaurant, a luxury and kosher restaurant in Jerusalem from the Dan Hotels chain.


The restaurant is located in the popular and luxurious King David Hotel, among our hotels in the capital. The restaurant’s staff, headed by Chef David Biton, has taken upon itself to gracefully combine classical and international styles of cooking with the Israeli-Jerusalem style, which is expressed by simplicity, color and strong tastes. The chef does all this by using great creativity and fresh and superb raw materials, that change from one season to the next. The restaurant is located at 23 King David Street, Jerusalem.



In addition to La Regence, another recommended luxury steakhouse is Rodriguez, which serves its guests rich, juicy and well-seasoned meat, fish and wine. This is a must for the lovers of meat among us, since the restaurant delivers a culinary meat experience which is not necessarily to be found in other restaurants of this genre. The menu is well thought-out and of high quality and is meant to serve the tastes of all the general public. The restaurant is located in the Har Hotzvim neighborhood, at 3 Kiryat HaMada Street.


Hungry for more? Go to our blog and read about other recommended restaurants in Jerusalem.

From the Airport to each hotel
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Distance from the airport to each hotel


King David - 55 Km

Dan Panorama Jerusalem - 56 Km

Dan Boutique Jerusalem - 59 Km

Dan Jerusalem - 59 Km

We recommend to take a train from the airport to Yitzhak Navon station in Jerusalem from there you can take a bus, light rail or taxi to everywhere you wish in the city.