Haifa Attractions

Haifa offers a wide range of attractions, many of them within walking distance of the two Dan hotels on the cusp of Mount Carmel. We made a list of some of the leading attractions in the city which has become the perfect destination for a family vacation. The popular tourist sites on the Carmel, the museums and galleries, urban tours in the lower city and the city’s wonderful beaches – if you’re looking for things to do in Haifa with the children, as a couple or on your own, this page is for you.

Local Attractions

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Child-Friendly Attractions in Haifa

Haifa is one of the most beautiful cities in Israel, offering abundant tourist sites and a wide range of attractions and activities for children of all ages. You can plan a day trip to Haifa and spend time at several leading attractions, but we recommend taking several days off from work and enjoying a vacation with the children at one of the Dan Hotels in the city. After selecting a hotel check out things to do with children in the largest city in northern Israel. We made a list of the best child-friendly attractions in Haifa. So pack a suitcase and travel to the green north in Haifa.


Numerous child-friendly attractions in Haifa

When visiting or vacationing in Haifa riding the famous city cable car is a must. You can reach the cable car from the end of the promenade in Bat Galim or from Stella Maris. Enjoy an exciting and exhilarating experience with the children riding the transparent cable cars while taking in the breathtaking view of the sea, the city below and the Carmel mountain range. The ride is short, only 4-minutes, so buy a two-way ticket for maximum enjoyment of the entire family.

From the cable car station on the Bat Galim promenade take a walk along the beautiful promenade where you will find good restaurants and cafés and can continue on to the Sailing Club located near the station. You can also walk to the Clandestine Immigration and Navy Museum through Allenby Road where the children may be especially interested in the models of clandestine immigration boats and navy ships.

If the children are up to visiting another museum then take them to the Haifa City Museum which is relatively near. This museum is located in a Templer building in the German Colony with its unique and magical atmosphere. There are several attractions for children in the German Colony, including museums, galleries and an observation point of the Baháʼí temple and the hanging gardens.

Carmel center attractions for children

The Carmel center is very popular among Haifa residents and visitors alike with its variety of recreation options. Booking a vacation package at one of the Dan Hotels chain hotels in Haifa is recommended as the hotels are located in this area at the summit of the Carmel Mountain. From the hotels in the Carmel center you can take a pleasant walk along the beautiful Louis promenade with its spectacular view of Haifa bay and northern Israel. Don’t miss Gan HaEm garden located a short distance from the Louis promenade where you will find one of the main attractions in Haifa – the Education Zoo. Gan HaEm garden also hosts activities and performances from time to time, so check events in Haifa when planning your vacation. The Carmel center also offers cafés and restaurants for the entire family.  

The Educational Zoo mentioned above is also located in the Carmel center. The zoo is home to hundreds of types of wild animals and offers numerous activities for children, among them feeding the animals, Caretaker for a Day (4 hours), Night Safari and more. If the kids need some rest and a relaxing activity you can also visit the Tikotin Museum located within walking distance of the Panorama center to enjoy the changing exhibitions and objects of Japanese culture and art.

Well-kept beaches and additional attractions in Haifa

Haifa’s beaches are renowned in Israel and around the world. The most popular beaches are Dado beach, Hof HaCarmel beach, Hof HaShaket beach, and Bat Galim beach which is recommended for surfers. You can walk along the promenade and enjoy a pleasant breeze, not to mention the numerous playground and sport facilities for children. In bathing season you will find a (free) toddler pool at the Dado beach center.   

Spend time with the kids at the trampoline park located in the innovative and challenging iClimb Park and also at the Balagan Park that offers a wide range of facilities and activities for the entire family. You may also want to visit EscapeLand with its escape rooms, and don’t miss riding the Carmelit – the only subway in Israel.

When planning a vacation in Haifa don’t forget the surrounding areas. Visit the Carmel forest, the Hai-Bar Carmel Nature Reserve dedicated to raising animals in danger of extinction, and after a walk through the forest continue on to an authentic tour of the Druze villages Daliyat el-Karmel and Isfiya where you can enjoy the hospitality of a Druze family, go shopping in the well-known shops and lively markets, and of course enjoy a meal in a good restaurant.