Haifa Attractions

Haifa offers a wide range of attractions, many of them within walking distance of the two Dan hotels on the cusp of Mount Carmel. We made a list of some of the leading attractions in the city which has become the perfect destination for a family vacation. The popular tourist sites on the Carmel, the museums and galleries, urban tours in the lower city and the city’s wonderful beaches – if you’re looking for things to do in Haifa with the children, as a couple or on your own, this page is for you.

Local Attractions


The Best Attractions in Haifa

Haifa, one of the most beautiful and well-kept cities in Israel, attracts many Israelis who come to visit or get together with friends and family. This magical city offers a wide range of attractions, lodging options, excellent restaurants, authentic cafés, trendy entertainment places, some of the most beautiful beaches in Israel and much more.   

When combined with a stay at a luxury hotel on the Carmel the wide range of attractions in Haifa offer an enjoyable and unforgettable family vacation in Israel. So what are the most interesting and original attractions in Haifa? Read about this and more in the article we prepared for you.

Hof HaCarmel Promenade

Entry to this seaside promenade is free of charge. The promenade is about 5 km long and is now connected to the Bat Galim promenade so that you can walk along the beautiful promenade, enjoy the amazing view of the expansive sea and at the end reach one of the main attractions in Haifa – the cable car you can read more about below. Hof HaCarmel promenade is adjacent to the sea and offers numerous restaurants, recreation and sport facilities, playground facilities for children, benches and shaded sitting areas, kiosks, showers and more.

Interesting and important museums

Haifa offers a range of museums and art galleries. Add a tour of museums to your  visit or vacation in the city, among them the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art located within walking distance of the Dan Carmel hotel and the Dan Panorama hotel, the National Maritime Museum that is also suitable for children, the Railway Museum, and of course the Madatech  - the National Museum of Science, Technology, and Space.

Culture lovers will enjoy a visit to the Pyramida Center for Contemporary Art located in the heart of the old picturesque Wadi Salib neighborhood. After visiting the Pyramida Center with its permanent and changing modern and contemporary art exhibitions enjoy a walk among the neighborhood’s charming alleys and colorful markets.

Haifa Educational Zoo

Looking for attractions for the entire family in Haifa? Definitely add a visit to the Educational Zoo to your list. This century-old zoo located in the heart of Gan HaEm garden in the center of the Carmel is home to hundreds of exotic animals from around the world. Children can enjoy activities such as feeding the wild animals, Caretaker for a Day, and more. Don’t miss the Night Safari and enjoy a fascinating and unforgettable experience.

Haifa Cable Car

One of the most well-known and popular attractions in Haifa is the cable car connecting the Carmel area with the Bat Galim neighborhood. Take the children on a short 4-minute ride in each direction while enjoying the breathtaking view of the mountain, the city and the ocean. The station in the lower city is located on the Bat Galim promenade, so while you’re there why not walk along the sea, enjoy the restaurants on the promenade and take a walk to the lower city and the port.

Hai-Bar Carmel Nature Reserve

The Hai-Bar Carmel Nature Reserve is located in the Carmel mountains, a short drive from the Dan Hotels located in the center of the Carmel. The nature reserve was established to treat and rehabilitate animals in danger of extinction. On your visit enjoy a close view of wild animals such as the roebuck, Carmel deer, Israeli gazelle, eagle and additional raptors.  

After visiting the nature reserve select a walking trail in the area and enjoy the spectacular view and charming spots that are perfect for a rest or a picnic. After the walking trip continue on to visit Daliyat el-Karmel and Isfiya to enjoy Druze hospitality, vibrant and colorful markets and excellent restaurants.

Castra Mall

If you’re looking for a different kind of mall don’t miss a visit to the Castra Mall. This artistic mall which opened to the public in 2000 has extensive areas allocated for exhibitions, galleries and museums in addition to unique shops and restaurants. By the way, Castra Mall is a short distance from the known Haifa Mall so you can combine a visit to both.

The German Colony

The German Colony in Haifa was built by the Templers in 1868. There are many impressive old buildings with unusual architecture and a wide range of restaurants and cafés, a shopping center, buildings for preservation and additional attractions. When walking though the well-kept and beautiful German Colony enjoy the impressive view of the hanging gardens and the Baháʼí temple.

Baháʼí Temple

This is one of the must-see attractions when visiting or vacationing in Haifa. The Baháʼí Gardens include 19 tiered gardens that begin at the summit of the Carmel mountain and descend down to the German Colony. In the heart of the impressive gardens is the famous gold-domed temple. You can visit the temple that is the resting place of the prophet-founder of the Baháʼí faith

After the Baháʼí Gardens don’t miss a visit to the beautiful sculpture garden where you can enjoy an exhibition of original sculptures and a breathtaking view of Haifa Bay. Depending on the haze and the weather you may be able to see Acco, Rosh Hanikra and sometimes even the snow-capped peak of Mount Hermon.  

Haifa on weekends

Weekend Attractions in Haifa

When was the last time you visited and vacationed in Haifa? Did you know that Haifa offers abundant attractions on weekends for children, families, romantic couples and senior citizens? So if you’re looking for attractions in Haifa on the weekend you’ve come to the right place. Here are some recommendations for popular attractions suitable for all ages, and when combined with a vacation at one of the Dan Hotels in Haifa you will enjoy a wonderful and pampering vacation with interesting attractions, a great atmosphere and a unique and exciting culinary experience.  

Urban tour in the lower city

Haifa is known for its unique atmosphere of coexistence between Jews and Arabs, and what better way to experience the wonders of the city than an urban walking tour of the lower city. On weekends you are spared the heavy traffic of big cities and can enjoy a tour through the old neighborhoods of the lower city with their interesting history and unique architecture, visit dynamic and amazing markets and enjoy an exciting culinary experience in restaurants and cafés that are open on Saturday,

The lower city changes its character depending on the time of day. In the morning and noon hours you can walk comfortably through picturesque neighborhoods, particularly the enchanting alleys with charming spots unknown to many. In the evening hours the lower city turns into a leisure location for young and old alike with its good night clubs, trendy bars and many other attractive entertainment venues.

Don’t miss a visit to the Wadi Salib neighborhood with its old buildings, some abandoned, the local flea market with its many bargain stalls and stores and the German Colony at the foot of the Baháʼí hanging gardens and temple. The port area is also worth a visit.

The Baháʼí Gardens

We mentioned the Baháʼí gardens that are a leading attraction in Haifa, and you’ll be happy to know that the gardens are open on Saturday. As this is one of the most popular attractions for visitors and vacationers in Haifa It is best to arrive early Saturday morning before the large noon crowds. You can also join a free guided tour for fascinating explanations and a visit to the known gold-domed temple.

On Saturday you can enter the gardens until 17:00, but if you want to visit both the temple and the nearby hanging gardens visiting in the morning hours is preferable.

Madatech – an interesting activity for the entire family

The National Museum of Science, Technology, and Space (Madatech) is located in the heart of the Hadar HaCarmel neighborhood. This interesting museum is suitable for the entire family and for children of all ages. The museum is open until 17:00 on Saturdays. It offers permanent and changing exhibitions about science, technology, aviation and space, and many of the displays are interactive. In addition to the exhibitions, the museum offers a range of activities for children, 3D cinema, the Noble Energy Science Park with numerous facilities and much more.

Haifa City Quest

A relatively new attraction that is also open on Saturday and suitable for couples, families and senior citizens. City Quest Haifa is an exciting and original attraction that combines Race to the Million type tasks and riddles and external escape rooms. In carrying out a task the participants visit the renewed streets of the lower city and use technological means to complete the various tasks and save the world.  

Easy walking trail along the Siah stream

Nature and hiking lovers will enjoy a walk along the Siah stream with its easy walking trail that is suitable for children and only 2 km long. Along the trail you will find springs, ruins of a monastery, burial caves and a natural small water cistern alongside a beautiful orchard.  

The walking trail starts in the Carmelia neighborhood and ends near the cemetery. Along the trail there is green and varied vegetation and a spectacular view of the blue sea.

Museums and art galleries

Most museums and art galleries in Haifa are open on Saturday. So between one attraction and the next don’t forget to add a visit to interesting and unique museums. Haifa offers numerous and varied museums, among them the maritime museum that is especially attractive for children, the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art located a short distance from the Dan Carmel Hotel, the Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa City Museum located in the heart of the German Colony and many more.

City market tours

Most markets in Haifa are open on Saturday, for example Wadi Nisnas market, the Wadi Salib flea market and others. You can join an interesting market tour with an experienced guide or visit the vibrant Saturday markets on you own and enjoy a unique buying experience and the exciting and colorful atmosphere.

A sure culinary experience in Haifa

Haifa restaurants and open food markets offer an unusual culinary experience and are also open on Saturday. A symbol of coexistence, Haifa offers restaurants with original menus and quality dishes in a variety of styles and tastes, from oriental restaurants with excellent hummus, meats and fish through authentic restaurants where the locals eat to chef restaurants with interesting gourmet dishes.

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childrens attrections

Child-Friendly Attractions in Haifa

Haifa is one of the most beautiful cities in Israel, offering abundant tourist sites and a wide range of attractions and activities for children of all ages. You can plan a day trip to Haifa and spend time at several leading attractions, but we recommend taking several days off from work and enjoying a vacation with the children at one of the Dan Hotels in the city. After selecting a hotel check out things to do with children in the largest city in northern Israel. We made a list of the best child-friendly attractions in Haifa. So pack a suitcase and travel to the green north in Haifa.


Numerous child-friendly attractions in Haifa

When visiting or vacationing in Haifa riding the famous city cable car is a must. You can reach the cable car from the end of the promenade in Bat Galim or from Stella Maris. Enjoy an exciting and exhilarating experience with the children riding the transparent cable cars while taking in the breathtaking view of the sea, the city below and the Carmel mountain range. The ride is short, only 4-minutes, so buy a two-way ticket for maximum enjoyment of the entire family.

From the cable car station on the Bat Galim promenade take a walk along the beautiful promenade where you will find good restaurants and cafés and can continue on to the Sailing Club located near the station. You can also walk to the Clandestine Immigration and Navy Museum through Allenby Road where the children may be especially interested in the models of clandestine immigration boats and navy ships.

If the children are up to visiting another museum then take them to the Haifa City Museum which is relatively near. This museum is located in a Templer building in the German Colony with its unique and magical atmosphere. There are several attractions for children in the German Colony, including museums, galleries and an observation point of the Baháʼí temple and the hanging gardens.

Carmel center attractions for children

The Carmel center is very popular among Haifa residents and visitors alike with its variety of recreation options. Booking a vacation package at one of the Dan Hotels chain hotels in Haifa is recommended as the hotels are located in this area at the summit of the Carmel Mountain. From the hotels in the Carmel center you can take a pleasant walk along the beautiful Louis promenade with its spectacular view of Haifa bay and northern Israel. Don’t miss Gan HaEm garden located a short distance from the Louis promenade where you will find one of the main attractions in Haifa – the Education Zoo. Gan HaEm garden also hosts activities and performances from time to time, so check events in Haifa when planning your vacation. The Carmel center also offers cafés and restaurants for the entire family.  

The Educational Zoo mentioned above is also located in the Carmel center. The zoo is home to hundreds of types of wild animals and offers numerous activities for children, among them feeding the animals, Caretaker for a Day (4 hours), Night Safari and more. If the kids need some rest and a relaxing activity you can also visit the Tikotin Museum located within walking distance of the Panorama center to enjoy the changing exhibitions and objects of Japanese culture and art.

Well-kept beaches and additional attractions in Haifa

Haifa’s beaches are renowned in Israel and around the world. The most popular beaches are Dado beach, Hof HaCarmel beach, Hof HaShaket beach, and Bat Galim beach which is recommended for surfers. You can walk along the promenade and enjoy a pleasant breeze, not to mention the numerous playground and sport facilities for children. In bathing season you will find a (free) toddler pool at the Dado beach center.   

Spend time with the kids at the trampoline park located in the innovative and challenging iClimb Park and also at the Balagan Park that offers a wide range of facilities and activities for the entire family. You may also want to visit EscapeLand with its escape rooms, and don’t miss riding the Carmelit – the only subway in Israel.

When planning a vacation in Haifa don’t forget the surrounding areas. Visit the Carmel forest, the Hai-Bar Carmel Nature Reserve dedicated to raising animals in danger of extinction, and after a walk through the forest continue on to an authentic tour of the Druze villages Daliyat el-Karmel and Isfiya where you can enjoy the hospitality of a Druze family, go shopping in the well-known shops and lively markets, and of course enjoy a meal in a good restaurant.