Tel Aviv & Herzliya Attractions

The central area, Tel Aviv, Jaffa and Herzliya, is full of attractions and things to do with children, as a whole family, as a couple or alone.

The multi-faceted Tel Aviv is recognized as the cultural capital of Israel and contains some of the most famous points of interest in the Holy Land.

The Eretz Israel Museum, Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv seashores and a variety of fascinating places in the White City that will provide you with an adrenaline-filled urban vacation. On this page, we have a selection of the leading, most popular attractions to the special hidden gems for you to explore and be enchanted by the effervescent Tel Aviv.

Local Attractions

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Our top recommendations for beaches in Tel Aviv

When people are asked which attractions in Tel Aviv must not be missed, something that always comes up in the answer is – the sea. Instead of choosing a single wave, let’s have a look at the whole shoreline and cover all the possible ways to have fun along the Tel Aviv beaches.  At all the Tel Aviv beaches there is free Wi-Fi, and all the Tel Aviv beaches have the “Blue Flag” international standards symbol, given to beaches that meet high standards in the fields of environmental education and information, quality of the water, environmental management, safety and services. But what they mainly have is fun, sand and blue sea.

The Cliff Beaches
The Cliff Beach – the northern-most beach in Tel Aviv, is divided into two: the North Beach and the South Beach. The sandstone type of cliff characteristic
of this area is displayed in its full glory. These beaches are less suitable for families, but those looking to see or be seen or want a romantic sunset on an orderly beach with an inviting café down the slope – can find it all here. On these beaches, there are volleyball courts, and on the North Beach, there are even hot showers. 


Tel Baruch Beach
Slightly south of the Cliff Beach is Tel Baruch Beach, which has been thoughtfully upgraded over the past years. A promenade and a bridge have been built, through which you can reach the Tel Aviv Port. Like on most Tel Aviv beaches, it is forbidden to light bonfires on the beach area, but there is a space set aside for barbeques that includes lighting, tables and a place to dispose of your coals when you are done. Another area of the beach is set aside for dog owners where (and only there) the dogs can be let loose. There is also a section of the beach for sea sports – surfing, kayaking and kite-surfing.


‘Metzizim’ Beach
Adjacent to the south side of the Tel Aviv Port is the mythological ‘Metzizim’ (peepers) Beach”, from the cult film starring Uri Zohar (1972). The beach has also had a serious upgrade over the past years. There you can find hot showers, showers for babies, volleyball and other sports courts illuminated at night, a beach library for borrowing books, and a games corner with chess, backgammon and checkers boards. This is accessible to disabled persons, including audio directions using the Step Hear application. Peeper’s Beach is an excellent beach for finding celebs.
The Religious Beach (Nordau Beach – or the Separate Beach)
South of Peeper’s Beach is the Nordau Beach. During weekdays, it serves the city’s religious population: on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, entrance is for women only; on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays,
entry is for men only. On Saturday, the beach is mixed and is mainly used by young people.


Gordon Beach
Gordon Beach is to be found south of Atarim Square. One of the widest beaches in Tel Aviv. If you are looking for an international atmosphere, this is the place to find it since this is the preferred beach for tourists visiting Tel Aviv. In addition, the city’s elderly population also likes this beach because it is adjacent to the Gordon swimming pool, the salt-water pool. As at Peeper’s Beach, there is a lending library for those visiting the beach, and courts for volleyball and other sports are illuminated at night. In addition, there are memorials for the refugee ship “Tiger Hill” and the “Voice of Peace” ship, which broadcast radio programs opposite this beach. The beach is adjacent to the Tel Aviv Marina, where there is also a diving school. For athletes, there is also a professional scale on the beach. An additional attraction in Tel Aviv is the dance floor on the beach, which comes alive with folk dancing every Saturday evening. There are also Pilates lessons on the beach on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.


The French Beach – The Frishman and Bugrashov Beaches
These urban beaches are adjacent to the promenade. The principal language heard here on Frishman Beach is French, and due to their proximity to the promenade and the hotels, they are attractive to many tourists. On Bugrashov Beach, there are also hot showers and lockers for storing objects, and there is also a memorial to the “Altalena” immigrant ship.


The Jerusalem Beach
Next to the Opera House is Jerusalem Beach, or as it is better known – the Racquet Beach. If you came without a racquet, you should come with protection against flying balls. This is a wide beach with easy parking, and the southern part is dedicated to Kite Surfing. 


From the Airport to each hotel
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Distance from the airport to each hotel

We recommend to take a taxi from the airport.


Dan Tel Aviv - 26 Km

Dan Panorama Tel Aviv - 24 Km

Link Hotel & Hub - 26 Km

Dan Accadia Herzliya - 37 Km

Buses and public transport are available.