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A Spa at a Hotel in Herzliya: the three most recommended treatments
Jan 02, 2020

Taking time off for a spa at a hotel? Excellent. Whether you are from the center of the country or from the north, the south, or perhaps from the Sharon area, if you are thinking about a hotel spa in Herzliya, as in the case in front of us – how will you be able to choose the best treatment from the variety offered there?

Dana and Yoel dreamt about spending a day at a hotel spa. Actually, they were particularly interested in a spa at a hotel in Herzliya, the city where they live. As a newly married couple that was looking for places for close, couples’ recreation, the mere thought of spoiling themselves in the future with a leisurely couple’s spa in Herzliya made their imagination go haywire. The couple wasn’t looking for just any spa in the Sharon area, but rather one that is located in the one of the beautiful hotels located on the magical coastline in the city, facing the sea-view and the waves, and in the vacation atmosphere that is characteristic of this location.


As a break from the pressures of day-to-day living, from work and bothers and their frenetic life style – a spa day at a hotel is the perfect solution, and since they had never done such a thing together, and the only similar mutual experience that they had experienced had been their honeymoon at a small hotel in London, their excitement was intense. After deciding that the best thing was to concentrate on a couple’s treatment, they wanted their treatment to be one of those that the spa at the hotel in Herzliya specializes in. But which treatment is the most recommended?

Well, Facebook is actually a sort of search engine based on the wisdom of the masses, and in a post about the fun they were looking for, like a day at a hotel spa such as the Dan Acadia where they had decided to spend their quality time, they asked for tips about what the place specialized in. In addition, they requested that only people who had actually been to the spa, and had treatments there, reply with comments about their experience. And then the replies started to pour in, and things became clear.

From the reactions they received, it was possible to understand that the Dan Acadia has a recommended spa and that all the treatments at the hotel’s spa are really worthwhile. After many specific comments and recommendations, it was already possible to see that what would best suit them would be three particular treatments there: the Swedish massage, a massage with hot rocks, and a combined massage – and of course all these were accompanied by the possibility of spending pleasurable time next to the hotel pool, in the lobby and in the spa compound. From the replies from their friends on Facebook, it was possible to understand that the spa compound is well known, due to its quality and class.

After this, all that remained to be done was to call the hotel spa in Herzliya and receive explanations, prices and details about the masseurs and the various possibilities, and at the end – to choose a date to spend a day at the hotel spa. And the rest? We will leave this up to your imagination, or to simply experience this pleasure by yourselves, and then run to tell all your friends (on Facebook or face-to-face) which treatment you would recommend the most.

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