Pool in Herzliya
Spa at Herzliya Hotel – a perfect break for both body and mind
Jan 02, 2020

The term Spa refers to a water treatment, by bathing in spring waters, in artificial pools or baths. The source of the word Spa is the Belgian city of that name, at least according to Wikipedia. In any event, spa refers to the use of a water source –natural or artificial – for treatment, cure, relaxation and relief from pains and various sensations.

It is known that water treatments were already common in the 16th century, or even earlier, and that bath houses – which were places where men gathered – were common throughout the Roman Empire.  Back in the Middle Ages, it was known that people who suffered from illnesses that were caused by a lack of iron, would drink the waters from these sources, since they contained a certain amount of iron oxide which was good for their bodies and helped cure them.

Today, times are different, but the curative powers of water continue to improve every treatment. The use of water together with the various spa treatments enables much great relaxation and comfort for those coming for treatments and thus their treatments are more effective.

Many people have found that not only when immersing themselves in waters sources such as the sea, pools or even a stream or a natural waterfall do they enjoy a refreshing and relaxing feeling, but also that visiting a spa – a location that is entirely devoted to bringing about this same atmosphere, which encourages relaxation and helps cures, and which usually contains a water element – supplies a refreshing effect and improves their quality of life.

In the frenetic and dynamic day-to-day life that is characteristic of life in the 21st century, it seems that everyone is occasionally in need of a break from the norm, and to reconnect with themselves, their bodies and their souls, and for the relaxation without worries which characterize a visit to a spa – especially when this refers to a spa facing the sea.

A spa facing the sea – the advantages of a spa in a winning location

From all the possibilities of a day at a spa in the Sharon region – the spa located in the Accadia Hotel in Herzliya is proud of its special location facing the calm sea and the prestigious marina. This beautiful location is the start of a journey to a time that is all about calm and relaxation.

The Accadia Spa, a spa in a hotel in Herzliya, offers a synergy in the form of a pampering recreation that includes the use of many and sophisticated facilities, together with a bountiful supply of professional body treatments and additional treats.

The Accadia Spa, a spa in a hotel in Herzliya facing the sea, that enables combining the use of the spa facilities with massage treatments, is one of the best equipped in the Sharon region, and you will find there a dry sauna, a wet sauna, a huge outdoor swimming pool with a view of the sea, quiet corners for relaxation where you can lie down before or after visiting the spa’s many facilities. You can also wait there before having the pampering body treatments – or more exactly body and soul treatments – that you have chosen from the variety of professional treatments available.

A spa in Herzliya with a swimming pool, that includes treatments such as: tissue massages, aromatherapy, Ayurveda massage and treatments from the Far East, and a wide variety of other offerings. When entering the spa, every guest receives a private locker, a soft and aromatic bathrobe and pleasant slippers, and all that is left is to give yourself over to the treat, the magic and the physical and mental relaxation that the Accadia spa specializes in imparting, a spa at a hotel in Herzliya.

In addition, a couple’s spa in the center offers packages for a fun day with your partner, or for a day of treats with your girlfriend, and you can add to the package a delightful meal at the hotel’s rich buffet.


A welcome break at a spa by the sea

The Accadia Spa, a spa with a swimming pool in Herzliya, offers a complete treat – for a single person, a couple and even a small, intimate group of guests, that would like to share and experience together a unique escape from their routine lives.

In addition to the pampering facilities at the Accadia Spa, a spa at a hotel in Herzliya, you will be able to enjoy relaxing quality time there, while watching or visiting the adjoining beach, and from one of the luxury restaurants in the Accadia Hotel or outside of it. The Shivat HaKochavim (Seven Stars) mall and the Arena Mall that are close to the spa at the Herzliya hotel can offer a pleasant environment for a successful shopping spree. All these pleasure can be combined with your visit to the Accadia Spa in Herzliya.

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