Ruth Zefat Overview

Emerging out of the green mountains and lush winding roads of the Upper Galilee, the city of Zefat is steeped in history and mysticism. In the very heart of the Old City is the Ruth Zefat, which is appropriately located on the site of an 800-year-old Khan (inn). The hotel in northern Israel is a unique mingling of old and new in a remarkable structure with ancient stone rooms and beautiful arches.

Some of the luxurious, beautifully appointed and spacious rooms overlook the Galilean mountain peaks and the always-green Mount Meron in Northern Israel.

The hotel’s large pool faces stunning Galilee vistas. The wide range of local Galilean cuisine is based on farm-to-table fresh produce from local farmers, and there is a well-stocked wine cellar

Exploring Zefat is always an adventure. Adjacent to the hotel is the charming old city quarter with its picturesque cobbled lanes and fascinating attractions: ancient synagogues, workshops, local artisans, the ancient Crusader fortress, a cheese maker who uses traditional methods specializing in what is known as “Zefat cheese,” and wineries enriched by the high elevation vineyards of the region.

The ancient cemetery has graves from over 2,000 years ago. Zefat has always attracted artists, and you can explore the famous Artists Colony featuring original artwork inspired by the beauty and mystery of Zefat. Defenders’ Square, the central plaza of Tzfat’s Old City, is a popular gathering place for socializing, live music, and dining. There are plenty of restaurants with authentic ethnic dishes.

Because of its strategic location, on the peak of Mount Canaan, this ancient Galilean city once served as the capital of Upper Galilee, and was a hub of activity throughout history.

Zefat overlooks one of the greenest and prettiest areas in Israel every season of the year. It is a short drive to sightseeing gems such as Rosh Pina.