North Attractions

Northern Israel offers a plethora of breathtaking landscapes and vistas. As a highly popular destination for treks, hikes and activities, the north has something for everyone, families included. So if you're planning a vacation and looking for fun things to do up north, here are some ideas for you! There are activities for children, romantic couples, and weekend fun.

Leading attractions up north

סיורי יין


One of the top attractions in northern Israel is its vineyards, and touring them is a great activity for romantic couples, groups of friends, seniors, work team fun and consolidation days, and of course anyone vacationing in the Galilee, the Golan Heights and the northern region.

Over the years a buzzing wine industry has developed in northern Israel, and most are boutique wineries set up over the past few decades. Some are well known, such as the Ramat Hagolan Winery, Galil Mountain Winery, Dalton, Tabor, Abouhav Winery, and more. Many of these boutique wineries are new, exciting places to visit, especially for couples and families holidaying up north, whether as part of a region tour or a romantic vacation. Guided tours provide interesting explanations about the vineyard and the wine production process, which can differ from one place to the next, and visitors can enjoy quality wine tastings. Some of these wineries offer anything from delicious cheese platters and side dishes all the way up to full meals.


Winery touring in northern Israel – the new attraction you shouldn’t skip!

Israel’s wine culture development began to diversify in the past 30 years, and currently Israelis enjoy drinking more wine than they once had. There are plenty of wine aficionados in Israel, some of whom took their hobby several leaps forward and invested no small amount of time and money in studying viticulture, becoming leading vintners, vignerons (vineyard growers), and boutique wine producers. Growers specialize in planting unique strains to produce unusual, top quality wines.

Northern Israel’s boutique wineries continually win praise and are awarded valued prizes in international competitions, testimony to the amazing quality of their products. This makes it all the more worth your while to take a wine tour and enjoy this delicious and fascinating activity, such as at Golan Mountain Winery, begun some 35 years ago when the founders realized just how excellent the earth, and mountain peak climate there, were for grape growing.

Following their tremendous success, other vineyards were planted around the Galilee and Golan, no small number offering guided tours, interesting workshops, lectures accompanied by tastings, multi-course chef meals with a full, top quality wine list, and often you'll find a visitors center or shop where you can buy the wines, Galilee cheeses, and other food products from the area that are super tasty.


Stay with us at Dan Hotels in northern Israel

Dan Hotel Chain has two hotels in northern Israel. We invite you to book a unique vacation here and enjoy the area’s charms. If you're a wine lover, you'll love learning that the Ruth Safed Hotel has opened “Muza,” a new wine bar offering a rich array of choices based on the Galilee and Golan regions’ wine products. Order special tastings along with your wine. We recommend the, the Canaanite aubergine, cabbage leaves stuffed with goat cheese and potato, root vegetable salad with Safed cheese, and more.


Recommendations for winery tours in northern Israel

Israel’s north is dotted by numerous unique wineries offering tours onsite together with additional attractions. We recommend checking before you take your vacation, and choosing wineries in the area, advance booking the attraction for your family or as a couple. Among those offering guided tours of the winery and even the vineyard you'll find these boutique wineries:

Ramat Hagolan Winery: This is the winery that led the revolution in the wine industry in Israel’s north. Its visitors’ center is worth your time, and we recommend registering for the tours offered there. Among them, you can choose the VIP tour for wine aficionados, led by a professional vintner, providing tastings accompanied by boutique cheeses from the region. Ramat Hagolan Winery also offers a tour of the vineyards on 4WD vehicles, and the classic tour focusing on explanations about wine production, with tastings and a tour of the barrels.  Address: Wine Route 4, Katzrin


Abouhav Winery: Set your tour up in advance at Abouhav Winery, established a decade ago by Yigal Bitton, who became religiously observant but was formerly a pioneer of electronic music in Israel. The winery specializes in old time traditional production methods using fermentation and aging in wood barrels. Located in an ancient stone structure in Old Safed’s alleys, it is a short distance from the Dan Chain’s Ruth Safed Hotel. Address: Abouhav Lane 1, Safed (Tzfat)


Luria Winery: A leading boutique winery established by Yossef Saida, this winery is currently managed by his son, who studied all things wine related after completing his military service. Producing 12 top quality wines, the winery tour contains detailed explanations, professional tastings, and you may want to upgrade with accompanying cheese platters from Galilee dairies, a breakfast, a chef’s meal, and other options. Address: 88 Nofech Street, Safsufa (Kfar Hoshen)


Odem Mountain Winery:  A boutique winery located in northern Golan Heights, it is known for its top quality products. The winery offers guided tours including a visit to the vineyards in northern Golan Heights, a visit to the oak barrel storage area, and of course wine tastings with boutique cheeses for accompaniment. Groups of more than 10 people can request a full meal and additional activities. Address: Odem Mountain

Hula Lake



A top attractions, the Hula Lake is considered one of Israel’s most beautiful nature sites, where birdwatchers enjoy the migratory movements of tens of thousands of cranes, storks, herons, kites, ducks and many more birds. We recommend seeing this site on bicycles or an electric golf cart, both of which can be hired at the site.



A romantic experience, or family fun. If you're in the Ruth Hotel in Safed (Tzfat) you'll certainly enjoy the new tourist center at the Hula Lake’s entrance, where you'll be able to try out both these leading attractions. Guests at Hamaayan Hotel in Nazareth might enjoy booking a hot air balloon ride at the Jezreel Valley or Mount Tabor.



There’s plenty to do in northern Israel but don’t forego a visit to Manara Cliff. The site has an observation point, lengthy cable car, various trek paths (for walking routes, bicycles, and off-road vehicles). There’s a mountain speed-slide that everyone loves, a challenging climbing wall, trampolines, bungee and more. You can also try out snappling from the higher cliffs. Take the kids to the cliff train and enjoy a guided tour in the area.



As part of your northern Israel holiday we recommend the Jeep or Range Rover tours. These get your adrenalin pumping with an array of options starting not far from the hotel. If you own a jeep, join one of the guided tours.



This experience is great for couples or families with children. Activities are run in the warmer seasons. Enjoy kayaking routes suited for families with very young children, and other routes for those of you who love extreme sports. It’s easy to reach the kayak locations at Kfar Blum and Maayan HaGoshrim, as well as several other places.



Northern Israel is literally dotted with boutique wineries. When you're a romantic couple looking for attractions, or a group of people out for a great day, add a guided tour in one of the many charming wineries, such as Dalton, Dishon, Harei HaGalil, Adir, and others. Integrate the guided tour in the vineyard and winery with a meal made of a diversity of culinary delights, and take the opportunity to buy some quality wines at the visitors’ centers.



This is a great way to spend some time in the western Galilee as a couple or family. You'll find this activity in Kibbutz Dafna, where you'll see the charming hidden locations along the length of the Dan Stream. A dip in the very cold water is great on a hot day. End your tour at the excellent restaurant specializing in fish and other Galilean culinary delights.



If you're scrolling through the internet looking for attractions in northern Israel, you'll no doubt come across warm reviews for this center, in the heart of Safed and a short distance from Ruth Hotel, of the Dan Hotel Chain. The visitors’ center is open 6 days a week (closed Saturdays and on Jewish festivals). Enjoy impressive and interesting presentations, some of which are interactive, and join a ritual scribe workshop where you'll learn about the work and actually try out writing the holy letters.



Israel’s north is dotted by several colorful and bustling markets. As guests of Maayan Hotel in Nazareth, why not coordinate a tour in the city’s ancient market and experience its many delights. Lasting about 3 hours, you'll hear interesting explanations, get to taste various items, and be traditionally hosted with good strong coffee.



We recommend taking some time in your northern Israel vacation to tour the beautiful nature reserves and enjoy walks at all levels of difficulty. There are even accessibilized trails. We recommend planning a walk in the nature reserve near the hotel. Our staff will be happy to assist you in choosing the right kind of tour for your capabilities.



Planning your family vacation? Allow us to suggest northern Israel as the perfect destination for children. In addition to discovering the length and breadth of Israel, a vacation in the north has a somewhat European flavor. So look for a great package deal up north, set out on these star trips, and discover great activities for kids and the family.




There’s an abundance of activities for kids of all ages in northern Israel, and after choosing your hotel, you'll be able to look through this list and pick the ones best suited to your preferences. If you’ve decided on a holiday in the north, why not book your stay in one of the Dan Hotels such as Ruth Hotel in Safed, built on the remains of the 17th century Turkish Inn, or Hamaayan Hotel in the heart of Nazareth. Then set your holiday time up with any of these great fun things to do.



A short drive from Ruth Hotel in Safed is the new Tourist Center right at the entrance to the Hula Nature Reserve. There you'll find popular activities suited to children aged 3 and up. Enjoy stunning observation points and breathtaking views from a hot air balloon, a great experience for you and your children.



The lookout was established in memory of Nimrod Segev who fell in the Second Lebanon War. It’s located on Rosh Pinah’s restored upper road. There you can take in the stunning panoramic view. Visit the impressive botanic gardens nearby too.



This is a must for the family, even if you’ve visited some years ago. It’s worth coming early in the morning and enjoying the enchanting, wild nature. Various activities are offered such as the bird watching center, drives in electric golf carts, bike riding, and more.



Bring your children to the Bat Yaar Farm located in the Biriya Forest. There you can enjoy the large horse farm and diverse activities for the family, including short or long rides, riding horses in an enclosed area, jeep tours, and a great meat restaurant.




Recommended for families holidaying in northern Israel, the Biriya Forest has tours suited to cars as well as easy walking trails. The atmosphere is much like the vast European forests. You'll find designated spots for family picnics. Visit the ancient synagogue and the grave of Yohanan ben Uziel.



If you're looking for something great for the kids – and yourselves – head out to the RUJUM Climbing Gym in Kiryat Shmona, suited to young children and all the way to experts, with a wall topping at 10 meters, some 100 boulder tracks, and a Ninja route that every kid’s going to love trying out.



An experiential activity at the Korlander family’s farm in Moshav Beit Hillel goes through the stages of a cow’s life, from newborn and young calves to fully matured cows. Children and parents are invited to try out cowshed work, milking by hand the old fashioned way, feeding the calves, and more.


NAZARETH has become a very popular tourist destination in recent years. Book your holiday at Hamaayan Hotel, part of the Dan Hotels Chain. This pretty hotel is located in the heart of old Nazareth and offers authentic hosting with modern comforts. There’s plenty to do nearby for children and the family. Try out some of these suggestions.



Nazareth has a gorgeous vibrant renowned market and you can take part in the hustle and bustle there with just a short easy walk from the hotel. No need to hop into the car! Consider joining an organized sweets tour where you and the children will enjoy wonderful baked goods and learn how to prepare long time traditional favorities such as “knafeh” and “baclava,” find out who in the city has earned the title of King of Knafeh, and more. The tour lasts some 3 hours and can also incorporate visits to other sites nearby.



Greenery is rich and diverse around Nazareth, with beautiful nature reserves, springs, creeks and more. During your Nazareth vacation, take a jeep or ATV tour and enjoy the wild nature and the adrenalin pumping rides!



On your way to or from your Nazareth vacation, we highly recommend setting aside some time to stop in at the Tel Megiddo National Park. Stunning archeological work takes you back in time, with intricate mosaics, the water works, and a breathtaking view.



Heading north for a dreamy weekend? You’ve made a great choice! There’s nothing like a lovely Saturday spent enjoying pastoral vistas and nature’s beautiful green spaces. So what can you do on a Saturday on a holiday in northern Israel? Here are 5 attractions that we’re sure you'll enjoy.



If you're a vacationer staying at the Ruth Hotel in the heart of Safed, it’s worth heading off on Saturday morning to one of the kayak activities at Kfar Blum or Maayan Hagoshrim. Kayaking is suited to the whole family and gives you a fun, adrenalin pumping time! Kayak routes pass through different creeks up north, such as the Hatzbani. Some are calmer, making them especially suited to children from the age of 5 and up. Others are wilder and wetter! Most kayak outings last for 90 minutes to 2 hours, and on hot days you can also dip into the very cold water. Kayak sites often offer additional activities such as paintball, adventure parks, and more. Keep in mind that kayak outings are only held in the hotter seasons.



Whether you’ve chosen a vacation in Ruth Hotel in Safed, or touring on a Saturday in the western Galilee, it’s worth visiting Beit Hillel and enjoying some of the fun activities there. Beit Hillel offers Club Car tours for couples wanting a romantic outing or for families with young children. Club Car tours are available year round, including winter. Book your romantic tour for sunset, together with a picnic in nature. Or choose a Safari style tour during the night where you can watch nocturnal animals up close. You can also choose to drive, or have an experienced driver-guide who'll be able to provide you with explanations of the various sites, plants and animals you'll see along the way.



For vacationers at Maayan Hotel in the heart of Nazareth’s Old City, here are some recommendations for various attractions in northern Israel on Saturdays, suited to romantic couples and to families. If you're looking for family events open on Saturdays, we suggest these locations.



This well-appointed and pretty campus is located in Kafr Kanna, a short distance from Nazareth. From there you can continue on to tours and attractions in the area. The Sindyanna Galilee Visitors Center spreads across some 200 square meters (over 2000 sq. ft.) and contains an abundance of activities for the whole family. The center offers fun activities such as the basket weaving workshop using wicker and reeds, the workshop where you learn how to make pita bread with hyssop (za’atar), the hydroponics workshop for vegetables and spices, and more. Don’t miss  out on an authentic meal there! (Breakfasts and lunches)



Havat Nagar is located in the heart of Galilean Bethlehem, and a short distance from Nazareth. There you'll find the Rabbit Village, which lets visitors learn about different kinds of cute furry creatures, among them dwarf rabbits, miniature goats, peacocks, ducks and chickens, and more. The village is disabled accessible, well-kept and extremely well organized. Entrance to Havat Nagar includes a visit to four different sections, all of which are roofed, making the activities not only suited to Saturdays but to rainy winter days too.



The ancient vibrant market in the Old City of Nazareth is open on Saturdays and Jewish festivals, so book a culinary tour in this colorful picturesque market. The culinary tour is accompanied by an experienced guide but includes tastings of food that is not kosher, so keep that in mind. This culinary tour lets you in on the authentic traditional Arabic kitchen as well as the modern Arab variations. The shuq, as the market is called, will host you with sweet delights along with strong Turkish coffee. You'll learn to prepare Jibneh, visit the impressive spices stalls, and get to see the expert knafeh makers.


There are countless more attractions open on Saturdays in northern Israel. Dan Hotel Chain’s staff will be happy to give you more ideas, or get in touch with us here on the website.



A romantic holiday in northern Israel lets you enjoy your partner’s company, enjoy wonderful moments together, enjoy a break from life’s fast pace, and as much as you love them who doesn’t need a bit of a break from the kids to let you rekindle your love for each other. Get that wonderful feeling by starting with a vacation deal or attractive package in one of the Dan Hotels up north. We offer 2 amazing venues: Hamaayan Hotel in the heart of Nazareth’s Old City, and Ruth Hotel at the center of Safed’s Old City.

After choosing your hotel, find the romantic activities which add that personal touch, although in all honesty you could also just as easily enjoy yourselves to the full with the hotel’s own activities. But it’s fun to tour the north, get to know new places, enjoy unique culinary experiences, shop in markets and the various malls, visit boutique wineries in the area, and much more. If you're looking for great things to do together as a couple, take a look at the 5 ideas below.




Tours in ORVs (off road vehicles) into the sunset

There's nothing like a drive on an electric or fuel driven ORV during the sunset. This romantic tour lets you enjoy northern Israel’s charming green expanses, discover hidden gems of locations that only the locals know, stop at cool springs for a dip, and why not add a picnic with a bonfire, quality boutique wine and great food as the sunset takes your breath away. Add some special workshops to your romantic tour, specially for couples, such as a massage in nature, and other wonderful options.


Horse riding at Bat Yaar Ranch

If you're planning a romantic getaway at the Ruth Hotel in the heart of ancient Safed, you can easily reach Bat Yaar by car. It’s located in Biriya Forest near the city. The charming ranch offers a unique and romantic atmosphere as well as abundant attractions for couples. Among them you'll find horse riding tours of about an hour long, or longer rides coordinated to catch the sunset and which can also include a picnic outdoors with a bonfire and guitar. Then stop later on for a fantastic meat meal at one of the great restaurants in a comfy carriage outfitted with benches and cushions, candles and the best of romantic atmospheres.


Boutique Winery Tours and Workshops

Northern Israel is dotted by a plethora of boutique wineries, some of which also have visitors centers, workshops, meals, tastings, and guided tours in the vineyard and the winery. Book a guided wine tour in advance, learn about the vineyards and the harvest, and how wine is made at these wineries. These tours include the chance to taste quality wines, many of which can be purchased at the winery shops. Add an interesting workshop for couples into the tour, or a meal based on a cheese platter and fresh salads.  Galileo Winery, for example, located in Kibbutz Dan, offers romantic pastoral seating spots alongside the Dan Stream. Enjoy wine tasting from family wineries with an array of cheeses and other delights.


Couples Spa Treatments

Although most Dan Hotels in our chain offer a prestigious spa center including Jacuzzi and sauna, you may prefer to spend an entire day at a romantic spa getaway in one of northern Israel’s locations. Choose one that’s not too far from the hotel, and book an indulgent spa in advance. Aromatic oils, the feeling of being pampered, light refreshments, chilled champagne and countless other surprises await.


Romantic Tour of Old Nazareth

If you're vacationing at Hamaayan Hotel in Nazareth, part of the Dan Hotels chain, book an experiential tour of the old city. You'll love the bustling vibrant market, or opt for special tours suited to romantic couples. Try the culinary tour, or the tour that focuses on baked goods and sweets. There’s a tour of churches and holy sites across the city. And for an added touch, there are interesting workshops, traditional hosting at local Arab families, knafeh preparation workshops, and much more.

Book your romantic vacation today at one of the Dan Hotels in northern Israel and enjoy unforgettable vistas and wonderful unique experiences.