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Offering the warm, personalized service the Dan Hotels is famous for; the Dan Jerusalem features a selection of kosher restaurants and bar which offer's a creative array of Mediterranean and Continental cuisine


The Chef

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Tzachi Ben Shabbat – Executive Head Chef Dan Jerusalem Hotel
Tzachi's journey into the culinary world began at Ort Tadmor School. After military service he traveled through France, Germany and Switzerland, studying the food and culture.
At just 22, He was accepted as head chef at the former "Kiryat Anavim" hotel and  started working as Dan Jerusalem's head chef in 2010, after the Dan chain purchased the hotel.
When cooking, Zachi likes to incorporate nostalgic elements from his mother's kitchen.

Pavilion Buffet Restaurant

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With a relaxing pool view, the Pavilion restaurant allows you to enjoy your meals in style.

Jumpers Poolside

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In the pleasant summer months the pool restaurant offers a selection of meals suitable for the whole family: refreshing drinks and ice pops. 
The perfect place to relax and enjoy .

Castel Cafe Restaurant Bar (dairy)

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A rich dairy menu for lunch or dinner and a wide selection of tempting homemade cakes for desert.
Classical music and jazz constitute a part of the places's special atmosphere and the panoramic view of Jerusalem seen from the restaurant's spacious balcony completes the perfect experience.

Hotel Terrace

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Facing the Romantic Jerusalem Skyline, the hotel terrace is one of the most pleasant locations to enjoy your vacation.