Dan Caesarea Resort

The iconic Dan Caesarea Hotel, built by Baron Rothschild for the benefit of the jet-setters of the 1960's, has been transformed. Welcome to the new Dan Caesarea Resort!

What was, until recently, a classic hotel etched in the memories of an entire generation, is now a phenomenal resort that has embraced a new approach to the old hotel. From a hotel that offered pleasant rooms for guests, a unique resort has been created that affords a complete and ultimate experience of relaxation and happiness. All the areas of the resort have been refurbished and upgraded to assure each guest a fresh, up-to-date and memorable experience. The public areas and the revamped rooms were designed to make every guest happy and to escape the humdrum routine of daily life. All the design choices were made with this in mind - from the highest quality materials to the most indulgent delights. Contemporary works of art are on display throughout the complex and include familiar works alongside the revolving art exhibitions of the Gordon Gallery. The new design language creates a happy connection between nature and the location of Caesarea, the hotel’s luxurious past and the tranquil atmosphere of the resort.

Instead of the lobby, an entirely new experience has been created for you. At the ‘SALON BOCCA,’ enjoy a choice cocktail and new novel, appetizing menu. Beside the pool, be surprised by Imperial Palms, the refreshing bar with a full menu of summer drinks. Take a well-stocked picnic hamper from the new cafeteria with you to enjoy wherever you wish on the extensive lawns of the resort, down to the nearby beach or even next door for a round of golf. Did we say anything about feeling happy?

The brand new resort offers the ultimate combination of an active vacation and relaxing time, standing proudly alongside the most beautiful resorts in the world. At Dan Caesarea, an exciting variety of activities await the whole family, in a soothing and indulgent atmosphere. Fifteen acres of landscaped gardens surrounding the huge central pool, fully equipped hi-tech fitness center, a swanky spa, all-absorbing, unique activities for children, and innovative culinary treats. Did we mention feeling happy?

There are 116 spacious bedrooms and suites to choose from, all with balconies overlooking Caesarea and the Mediterranean. Just imagine your best vacation possible, now try a little harder!