We packed the perfect respite for you - fun day at a hotel with breakfast and access to the hotel spa and pool. Come relax from the daily routine and reserve a full day of calm and tranquility at one of the luxury Dan Hotels.

Begin your day with a rich breakfast as befits the fine culinary experience at the Dan hotels, while the hotel staff prepares a day filled with small moments of happiness. Our team of professionals at the spa facilities will accompany you on a journey of rejuvenation and serenity, with a range of luxury treatments to choose from. Little by little you will feel how your worries fade away when the skilled hands do their magic, release tension and restore balance to mind and body. And that’s not all. As part of your Fun Day at the Dan hotels you will have access to the hotel pool to enjoy more hours of tranquility and fun.  

As a couple’s together-time, a birthday present or to pamper yourself, Fun Days at our hotels throughout the country are the ultimate experience for mind and body. Come revive your senses and create new memories of a fun day filled with moments of happiness and joy.  

A fun day at the hotel with spa and breakfast