Dan Panorama Jerusalem Overview

The Dan Panorama Hotel Jerusalem, with its dignified architecture and honey-colored Jerusalem stone exterior, resonates with the spirit of this legendary city.
One of Jerusalem’s favorite hotels, the Dan Panorama Hotel, boasts an exceptional location that lets you explore Jerusalem’s multifaceted attractions simply by stepping outside.

Across the road from the Dan Panorama Hotel Jerusalem is the splendid Bloomfield Garden, one of the largest parks in Jerusalem and from which you overlook the city. At the end of the park is the famous Yemin Moshe neighborhood. The neighborhood was established in 1891 by Moses Montefiore and was the first Jewish district built outside the walls of Jerusalem. The Montefiore Windmill stands high above the red-roofed houses, which provided cheap flour to the residents and today is a museum that showcases Montefiore’s vision.

Around the corner is the fabled King David Hotel, a destination in itself with magnificent public areas where politicians and headline-makers mingle. A scenic stroll along historic landmarks takes you down to the endlessly fascinating Old City that invites you to explore a medley of cultures, famous holy sites of the three monotheistic faiths, and the more earthly attractions of vibrant multicolored open markets. The Old City is divided into four quarters- the Armenian, Christian, Jewish and Muslim. Since the history of Jerusalem is over 3000 years old, you will find captivating architectural remnants of past conquerors such as the Crusaders, Romans and Ottomans in the different quarters. In the Jewish Quarter, you can visit the Western Wall, considered one of the holiest places in the Jewish religion. The Muslim Quarter houses the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, which are sacred to the Muslim faith. Important landmarks and churches are located in the Christian and Armenian Quarters, such as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, holy to Christians of all denominations.

Modern Jerusalem is also on the doorstep with stores, business centers, theaters and museums all within easy access. Offering a unique combination of attentive, caring hospitality with warm Israeli undertones, the Dan Panorama Hotel Jerusalem features guestrooms fitted with every thoughtful amenity, a rooftop pool and elegant public areas. Whether for family holidays, a romantic break, or a business meeting, the Dan Panorama Hotel Jerusalem welcomes visitors with the warmth and attention to detail that spells genuine hospitality - offering much more than one of Jerusalem’s best addresses.