Jerusalem’s Old City: Quarters, History and Places to Stay

Lee Saunders  13/03/2024

It has made such an enormous impact on Western civilization that it’s hard to fathom how small Jerusalem actually once… ...

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What to Pack for Your Trip to Israel

Lee Saunders  29/08/2023

There have been many words of wisdom when it comes to what to bring on a vacation, but when packing… ...

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Exploring Nazareth: A Traveler’s Guide to Israel’s City of Miracles

Lee Saunders  29/08/2023

Visitors to Israel inevitably gravitate towards the life force of Tel Aviv, the awe-inspiring spirituality of Jerusalem, the eclectic feel… ...

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Family Holiday in Tel Aviv

Family Holiday in Tel Aviv

Lee Saunders  01/08/2023

Kids often learn more on a family trip to somewhere new than in a classroom, and youthful Tel Aviv is… ...

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Israel public transport

Getting Around in Israel

Lee Saunders  09/07/2023

The journey of a thousand miles may begin with a single step, according to the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu back… ...

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tel aviv public transport

Navigating Tel Aviv: Your Personal Guide to Public Transport and Walking Tours

Dan Magazine  26/06/2023

Welcome to Tel Aviv! This vibrant city is Israel's beating heart, where history, culture, and the contemporary world come together… ...

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2 days in Jerusalem

An Itinerary for Two Days in Jerusalem

Lee Saunders  18/06/2023

When you have 24-karat gold, you have pure gold in its most valuable and precious form. Widely referred to as… ...

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3 Days in Tel Aviv

3 Unforgettable Days in Tel Aviv

Lee Saunders  15/06/2023

Featuring kilometers of beautiful Mediterranean beaches, 300+ sunny days a year, top-shelf cuisine, internationally recognized museums, architecture, art, and welcoming… ...

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