Tel Aviv

Tourism in Tel Aviv

Family Holiday in Tel Aviv

Family Holiday in Tel Aviv

Lee Saunders  01/08/2023

Kids often learn more on a family trip to somewhere new than in a classroom, and youthful Tel Aviv is...

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tel aviv public transport

Navigating Tel Aviv: Your Personal Guide to Public Transport and Walking Tours

Dan Magazine  26/06/2023

Welcome to Tel Aviv! This vibrant city is Israel’s beating heart, where history, culture, and the contemporary world come together...

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3 Days in Tel Aviv

3 Unforgettable Days in Tel Aviv

Lee Saunders  15/06/2023

Featuring kilometers of beautiful Mediterranean beaches, 300+ sunny days a year, top-shelf cuisine, internationally recognized museums, architecture, art, and welcoming...

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2 days in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv in Two Days: A Comprehensive Guide to Israel’s Vibrant City

Lee Saunders  15/06/2023

From the street’s vibrant cafés and Mediterranean beaches to the tops of the Bauhaus buildings dotted around, there is no...

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Israel: Barking mad for dogs

Lee Saunders  15/08/2022

With Tel Aviv the 3rd dog-friendliest city in the world, we look ahead to the lesser known National Dog Day...

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The best Shopping Experience in Tel Aviv

Lee Saunders  20/06/2022

A guide to the best places to shop in Tel Aviv For some, shopping is an art; for others, it’s...

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Israel – The Place for All Seasons, but when best to visit?

Lee Saunders  17/02/2020

Best time to visit Israel is always! ‘Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, all you gotta do is call, you’ve got...

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Valentine’s Day in Israel – more than just flowers.

Lee Saunders  13/02/2020

Even the most jaded singles among us can feel a certain tingle when we see February 14th rolling around.  Maybe...

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