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Hotel Deals in Haifa

Special Deals from Dan Hotels In Haifa

Dan Hotels offers you special discounts and deals online at our three Haifa hotels. Perfectly located for a relaxed, carefree vacation on the cusp of Mount Carmel, our Haifa hotels are packed with character each with breathtaking views, where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Carmel.

  • Dan Carmel2

    Dan Carmel

    The Dan Carmel Hotel Haifa, the most luxurious of all Haifa hotels, features panoramic views, elegant interiors, private gardens and a secluded pool.

  • Dan Panorama Haifa2

    Dan Panorama Haifa

    The Dan Panorama Hotel, the only Haifa hotel that’s a city landmark, overlooks spectacular views and is ideal for business travelers and tourists exploring the Galilee.

  • Dan Garden Haifa2

    Dan Gardens Haifa

    The Dan Gardens Hotel, a modern bed and breakfast facility, is a special Haifa hotel created for guests eager to experience Haifa’s charms and stay within budget.


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Room Plan
Superior Room

Size: 37-40 m2 / 398-430 sq.ft

Note: Images are not exactly to scale. While room chart represent the room category, variations and changes may occur.