Tel Aviv

Culinary in Tel Aviv

Eurovision 2019 – Thanks for coming!

Lee Saunders  21/05/2019

“Thank you for accepting differences between us,” cried Israel’s Netta Barzilai as she won last year’s Eurovision Song Contest in...

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New Year’s Resolution; Vegan Revolution

Lee Saunders  27/02/2019

The best time of the year for gyms and recruitment agencies. By February or March, it can often be a...

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Hayarkon 99 Restaurant (Dan Tel Aviv) – awarded the prize ‘the best service in Israel’

Dan Magazine  14/01/2019

At a ceremony that took place in Tel Aviv this past June, the Gault & Millau restaurant guide announced the...

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Chanukah Donuts Get Wilder

Lee Saunders  05/12/2018

Whether you choose the old-school ‘Chanukah’ or the more mainstream ‘Hanukkah,’ the proper spelling of the Jewish Festival of Lights...

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Ports and Marinas in Israel that offer more

Lee Saunders  08/11/2018

There is nothing like the open sea to make you feel like you’re really on vacation. And if you want...

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Andreu Genestra at ‘Round Tables’ Culinary Festival

Dan Magazine  07/06/2018

The Dan Hotel chain has given its sponsorship to the ‘Round Tables’ culinary festival – Chef Oved Alfia hosted Spanish...

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The Land of Milk, Honey and … Cheesecake

Lee Saunders  17/05/2018

In the 1980s US sitcom The Golden Girls, there was no problem that could not be solved by cheesecake. This...

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Going nuts for donuts – Hanukkah in Israel

Lee Saunders  29/11/2017

The sunshine may dim in Israel during December, but the lights keep on burning, long into the winter, as the...

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