Danyland – The Best Children’s Club in Israel

BY danhotels   DATE 23/07/2019

The colorful and illustrated hard copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in the spacious art-filled lobby was not the only magic on offer at the Dan Caesarea Resort. Its stunning renovations will cast a spell on you, take kids to a magical world of treehouses and dinosaurs, and transport adults back to their childhoods.

Tree-house at Dan Caesarea Resort

With every three-year-old today able to effortlessly navigate YouTube – to the shame of often technologically shy parents – the Dan Caesarea Resort has taken children’s entertainment clubs to a whole new level. This classic hotel, an iconic resort in the 17-strong luxury hotel chain, recently unveiled the new and upgraded Danyland with innovative technology that will even keep every grown-up child entertained.

Danyland at Dan Caesarea Resort, created to develop imagination

With technology rapidly impacting the hospitality sector, as it does so many others, the Dan Hotels stands very much at the forefront. At the Link Hotel & Hub in Tel Aviv, a range of technology provides a young, fresh experience for adults, while at the Dan Caesarea Resort technology is transforming the children’s experience – turning a regular sandpit into an interactive landscape filled with dinosaurs, giant lakes and towering volcanoes. Using a projector and Microsoft Kinect camera, the luxurious hotel has created something captivating and the only eruption is that of joy, on the faces of the children (and their parents of course). “The challenging part was developing the software,” said Sagi Yehezkel, CEO of Breeze Creative, one of the leading design, development and production companies. “This is the first and only resort in Israel, where we have installed it,” Sagi added.

Multi-sensory play at Dan Caesarea Resort

The sandpit is just one of the key features of the Danyland club at the Dan Caesarea Resort. In an open and relaxed themed room, there is also a fantastic adaptation of the childhood 1980s electronic game, Simon, which has been converted into a fast-moving, competitive, fun, speed game on the wall.

Kids can also draw and color in their own creatures from the sea, feed them into a scanner and watch as their decorated clownfish and seahorses swim across a screen on a ‘digital aquarium.’
This summer’s theme for children across all of the Danylands is connected to the love of animals. The theme of animals will allow you to enjoy a raft of activities, including children’s literature about animals, animal games, children’s songs, and ‘library corners’ in the Danyland clubs, with a reading area for children and parents. At the Dan Panorama Tel Aviv, there will be a lively end-of-summer vacation party and a showing of Peter and the Wolf, by the Orna Porat Theater for Children and Youth, the most senior repertoire theater for young audiences.

Big Kids playground too

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The diversity and creativity on offer continues to make Danyland one of the most impressive and longest standing hotel children’s clubs in Israel. Operating daily throughout the holiday season, the clubs are run by experienced, professionally trained leaders. A variety of activities are on offer, such as puppet shows, arts and crafts, sports, movies, cookery and much more, with the fun often continuing into the evenings too, giving parents well-earned relaxation time.
Sandwiched between Tel Aviv and Haifa, Caesarea is home to the hugely impressive Caesarea National Park and some of the country’s most fascinating archeological ruins, including the beautifully restored harbor built by King Herod over 2,000 years ago. After eight months of amazing improvements, the Dan Caesarea Resort is a far more modern landmark, combining luxury, relaxation and stunning views from its 116 upgraded, stylish and spacious rooms.

Soft toy Friends for the kids at Dan Caesarea Resort

Now with the major refurbishment now complete, the Resort combines youth, relaxation and the highest quality of luxury. A sophisticated cool approach to hospitality in general, where you can imagine reading Greek philosophy in the landscaped gardens, or peacefully sip cocktails by the gorgeous swimming pool, while the children are enjoying themselves in Danyland, or entertained by the plethora of other activities for them at the resort.

Set in 15 acres of blissful comfort, at Dan Caesarea Resort, happiness is very much all around.

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