The New Dan Caesarea Resort – HAPPINESS IS AROUND

BY Dan Magazine   DATE 30/10/2019

The new Dan Caesarea Resort combines a different and unique vacation experience, sprawling lawns, pastoral views, gimmicks and works of art.

Oversized swimming pool considered the gem of the resort, alongside a variety of pampering sports.

Less than an hour’s drive from Tel Aviv or Haifa, a big, creative and inspiring surprise awaits you. Welcome to the Dan Caesarea Resort.
As soon as you arrive at this perfect resort, you meet with a refreshing new approach to the hospitality and leisure experience, via the well-designed and spacious rooms, the art-rich public areas, and the culinary abundance offered in trendy restaurants and bars that blend in with the expansive, lush gardens that surround the resort, inspiring a magical atmosphere of calm and tranquility.

Any member of the family can make the most out of their stay at Dan Caesarea. Adults can choose from a wide variety of fun activities, such as the oversized swimming pool considered the gem of the resort, alongside a variety of pampering sports, such as a mini-golf course, a real-sized soccer field with a well-manicured lawn, basketball and tennis courts, a pétanque field, a pool table, pedal cars, various amusement facilities and much more, all accompanied by refreshing drink options, ice creams and popsicles, as well as lunches of all types, to ensure guests are always at peak energy.

The poolside Tavern restaurant provides a Mediterranean-style culinary experience.

Children can enjoy a magical experience at the “Danyland” Club, which features dozens of games and recreational activities, including an aquarium where they can paint their favorite fish and watch it come to life on a floating wide-screen, paddling in a ball pool, or playing with countless board games, dolls and colorful digital games. The children also have their own pool as well as a wading pool.

Those looking for tranquility can catch some sun on the grounds or the woods near the lounge, read a good book and just indulge in the tranquility, or perhaps indulge in a massage at the luxurious Jah-Spa complex, which offers a variety of professional, pampering treatments, including wet and dry saunas. It is worth noting that the spa’s team uses premium products, especially body butter, to help the guests relax.

Anyone who is interested in working, however, will be pleased to know that business executives and corporate guests who frequent the Dan Caesarea Hotel can make use of two spacious and luxurious event and conference halls: The Omega Hall, which accommodates up to 180 people, and the smaller Sigma Hall, accommodating up to 120 people (in theater-style seating).

And if that’s not enough, the hotel’s dedicated staff spares no effort to ensure guests make the most of all that Caesarea and the region have to offer. Guests have at their disposal a luxury shuttle that can take them to the nearby beach, the amphitheater, and the harbor, as well as to other nearby attractions. The shuttle provides round-trip services. All you have to do is call the lobby, order the shuttle, and it will arrive to pick you up within a short time.

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A timeless classic
In total, the renovated Dan Caesarea Resort offers 116 rooms across six levels, with no less than 62 dunams of public spaces. The average room size spans about 30 square meters, along with balconies facing various lovely views, such as the pool complex, the inner garden, the lush grove, and a sea-facing terrace. Every room has a vintage-designed gramophone to which guests can connect via Bluetooth on their smartphone and listen to their favorite music with high-quality sound. In addition, every room boasts a fine coffee machine, with coffee beans that guests can choose to their taste at the check-in desk and which they can grind themselves.Most rooms have both a bathtub and shower, 55-inch widescreen TVs, luxurious beds with ultra-comfortable mattresses to enhance the sleeping experience, and even branded flip-flops to wear when you head down to the pool or the nearby beach.

At the very entrance to the Resort, a luxury life-size Buick designed by Ron Arad.

The artwork that adorns both the public spaces and the rooms, including 15 sculptures and monuments by Israel Prize laureate Jacob Dorchin that are scattered throughout the hotel, add to its unique look. Other works of art include, at the very entrance to the Resort, a luxury life-size Buick designed by Ron Arad, alongside other works of art by leading Israeli artists.

And what about the food, you must be wondering?
Well, the best minds at Dan Hotels have put together a wide array of culinary delights of various styles. The SALON BOCCA bar lies in the central lounge area of the hotel, offering a rich and well-thought-out cocktail menu. The pool area houses the LIMONADA bar, with a refreshing selection of summer drinks alongside pampering cocktails, and the poolside Tavern restaurant provides a Mediterranean-style culinary experience, including an option for creative and scrumptious picnic baskets that guest can take and enjoy elsewhere in the resort. All these are topped by the central dining room with its high ceilings, where you can enjoy the finest bed and breakfast-deal selection, as well as a Friday night dinner from a dairy-based menu.

The LIMONADA bar, with a refreshing selection of summer drinks alongside pampering cocktails.

We invite you to stay at the new Dan Caesarea Resort , which incorporates an innovative hospitality concept that manages to excite both Israeli guests and tourists.

Written by  Dan Magazine