Israeli cooks prepare for an Asian food invasion

BY Dan Magazine   DATE 08/03/2016

Asian food in Dan Hotels Cuisine

Preparing for an influx of Indian and Chinese guests, the Israel Ministry of Tourism flew in four famous chefs from India to educate young Israeli chefs in the culinary delights of their region.

A recent study has shown that unlike other travelers, tourists from India are less open to exploring far flung food offerings during their travels, rather preferring to pack local and more familiar delicacies as part of their luggage.

Asian cooking lesson in Dan Hotels

Asian cooking lesson in Dan Hotels

Convening at Dan Gourmet cooking school, Israeli chefs were shown 5 different Indian dishes by Chef Suresh C Mathpal, Executive chef with Taj SATS air catering in Mumbai. Dishes on the demonstrated menu included: fish and chutney cooked in banana leaves, chicken kheema masala and upma, a breakfast dish made with oats tomatoes and chickpeas.

While Mathpal was busy cooking up a storm at Dan Gourmet, the other 3 cooks had the opportunity to tour the country running simultaneous seminars in Eilat, Tiberias and Herzilia, altogether reaching about 250 cooks through Israel.

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Understanding the laws of kosher well from his time preparing meals for El-Al, mathpal explained that his most favorite substitute for milk products is cashew cream, made by soaking the nuts then blending them with water until the desired consistency is achieved. Since there are Israelis with Indian routes, some who joined the workshops, a few people in the audience even had ideas for where to source different products in Israel.

Dan gourmet-fine culinary arts cooking center

Chef Rajendra Nayal lecture in Eliat - Dan Hotels

Chef Rajendra Nayal lecture in Eliat – Dan Hotels

Accompanying the chefs on their tour of Israel were four journalists, brought to assist in creating a buzz back in India about Israel. Taking the week to explore all that Israel has to offer, the chefs and journalists gain a deep understanding of Israeli culture and vibrancy, able then to report back about the special country to visit. A month later, the process is repeated, this time with chefs and journalists from China.

Speaking on behalf of Dan Hotels, Haim Speigel, Director of food and beverage, recognizes how quickly the Chinese market is developing mentioning how almost all of the Dan Hotels have started including Chinese dishes on their breakfast buffets. Additionally, taking advice from an Asian cooking expert, the hotels provide lose leaf green and jasmine teas with pots and kettles in the rooms for arrival for Chinese chefs.

Dan Hotels chefs learn from best Asians chef

Dan Hotels chefs learn from best Asians chef

With the first international Dan Hotel being built in Bangalore, the management keep close contacts and advisors on the ground there and look forward to welcoming the increase of Indian tourists to Israel in the coming years.

Written by  Dan Magazine