Family Vacation in Eilat

BY Lee Saunders   DATE 20/03/2023

Eilat is one of the most recommended vacation destinations for families. A family vacation in Eilat combines shared activities in the sun, a unique vacation atmosphere and a wide variety of attractions for adults and children alike. This includes water sports, amusement rides and relaxing moments on the beach. Eilat also offers a variety of family-friendly lodging options, including pampering hotels with abundant activities for children. We gathered everything important you need to know when choosing a family-friendly hotel in Eilat, planning the ultimate family vacation and selecting the most worthwhile attractions for your next vacation in the city.

Family hotel in Eilat

The hotel you choose for your vacation stay can impact the enjoyment of the entire family as well as your peace of mind as parents. Family-friendly hotels offer services and activities suited for children and tailored to the unique needs of young guests. This includes hotel room and bathroom amenities and accessories, a children’s menu, play rooms, babysitter services and suites that can comfortably accommodate families. These factors can upgrade any vacation, put children’s safety first and enable parents to relax and enjoy quality time.


When choosing a suitable hotel in Eilat for a family vacation, check out all the factors we mentioned to ensure an enjoyable and pleasant experience. Dan Eilat hotel, for example, features a main swimming pool with a water slide and a round whirlpool, as well as activities and attractions especially tailored for children such as the Danyland Club – so if you’re vacationing with children you can be sure there will always be activities to engage them and keep them busy.



Something else to consider before booking a hotel in Eilat is its location. A central location near the leading attractions in the city is very significant, especially when vacationing with children. This will save time wasted on long rides or on finding the way to an attraction, so that you can start your day calm and relaxed.

Planning a successful family vacation in Eilat

When planning a vacation in Eilat, remember that it is a popular destination, and make sure to book your vacation early to ensure availability and enjoy the best prices. This is especially important for families planning to vacation in Eilat during high season, the holidays or summer vacation. If you have flexible vacation dates and can visit during the winter months you will be able to find deals at special prices.


To ensure you have an enjoyable and unforgettable vacation, which starts on the right foot and ends with a smile, you will want to devote time to planning how you want to get to Eilat and the attractions you want to visit, and of course make a list of what you need to pack. How you want to get to Eilat depends on your preferences and on your children’s age. Traveling by car may take several hours, but then you can enjoy the way and stop at leading points of interest. Travel by air on the other hand may be more comfortable, but will require you to get around in the city by taxi or public transportation.


Want to be sure you enjoy every minute and don’t miss any major attraction? Every family has its own preferences regarding the must-see attractions in Eilat – and with so many possibilities it is undoubtedly difficult to see and do everything. Families usually enjoy water attractions such as snorkeling, diving and visiting the Underwater Observatory, as well as spending time in the mall and strolling along the promenade. If you’re interested in one of the popular attractions, check if you can buy tickets or make reservations in advance. Also take into consideration the children’s ages and select the activities that are both suitable and of interest to them.


To plan for possible scenarios prepare in advance a list of items to pack. Eilat is known for its high temperatures during most of the year, so unless you’re visiting the city at a relatively cool time of the year – it is advised to pack light clothing, swimsuits and a scuba diving mask, and of course sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. Remember that children’s skin tends to be especially sensitive, and it is therefore important to protect them against the sun throughout the day. It is also recommended to bring closed walking shoes, as well as flip-flops for the pool area and the beach.


Family attractions in Eilat

A family vacation in Eilat is an opportunity to take a break from routine life, refresh and enjoy a bonding experience with the children. Eilat offers a wide range of attractions of all types and for all ages, from culture events to festivals and restaurants. So all you have to do is to choose the most suitable attractions for your family – and of course don’t forget to enjoy every minute.

Written by  Lee Saunders

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