A Hotel with a Heated Pool in Eilat – Enjoy the Best

BY danhotels   DATE 07/12/2020

Eilat is the preferred destination of Israelis for a family or romantic vacation. The southern city offers numerous hotels and attractions, an exciting and unique culinary experience, clean beaches and a clear sea, marine sport clubs, vat-free shopping centers, and of course diving sites and some of the most beautiful nature reserves in the world. Eilat is a suitable vacation site year-round, and there are always deals that shouldn’t be missed. Enjoy a wonderful winter vacation in Eilat – just don’t forget to select a hotel with a heated pool.

Before booking a vacation in Eilat make sure to check the facilities offered by  every hotel, and if you are among the vacationers who like to swim and spend most of the time in the pool – you should consider Eilat hotels that have a heated pool.

So what’s so good about vacationing in Eilat at a hotel with a heated pool?

A hotel with a heated pool – upgrades any winter vacation

Eilat is the most southern city in Israel, and thanks to its attractive location on the shores of the Red Sea has become the leading tourist destination in Israel. The city is known for its beautiful beaches and diving sites as well as its excellent hotels, abundant restaurants, shopping centers and a wide range of attractions for all ages. Hotels in Eilat are in demand most days of the year, as some Israelis prefer the southern city in the summer, others wait for the Jewish holidays and many others vacation in the fall and winter.

Since the sea water is cool many vacationers spend most of the time at the pool, particularly on fall and winter vacations. In the cool season, when the water is cold, some hotels close the outside pool, and most likely you do not want to vacation at a hotel without a swimming pool. Therefore, when booking a vacation in winter check which hotels in Eilat with a heated pool are suited to your unique needs.

In fact, in Eilat you can choose a hotel with a covered pool or a hotel with a heated pool. With a covered pool you can spend time in the water when the weather is cold and overcast, rainy or windy.

You should know that a winter vacation in Eilat differs from a summer vacation, since all attractions in the city are open in the hot season when you can spend time on the beach and most of the time is spent at attractions and tourist sites outside the hotel. In contrast, when on a winter vacation most of the time is spent in the hotel enjoying the various facilities it offers. Therefore, when selecting a hotel in Eilat it is worth  your while choosing a hotel with a heated pool so you can enjoy a perfect vacation and also stay fit.

By the way, some hotels in Eilat offer a covered and heated pool that is open year-round, in addition to the outside open pool. So if you don’t like cold water and prefer swimming in a heated pool – don’t forget to check this in advance so you won’t be disappointed and to ensure you enjoy the vacation you wanted and dreamt of.

Which Dan Hotels in Eilat have a heated pool?

The Dan Hotel chain, with its 18 hotels, is the most veteran, prestigious and leading hotel chain in Israel. A vacation at one of the Dan Hotels ensures an exclusive and enjoyable vacation at the most impressive and beautiful luxury hotels in Israel. The Dan Hotels chain has 3 hotels in Eilat – Dan Eilat, Dan Panorama and Neptune Eilat.

Dan Eilat hotels offer a wide selection of large, well-equipped and designed rooms, as well as a heated swimming pool, lobby, luxurious dining hall, advanced fitness room, children’s club and additional facilities.

If you’re looking for hotels in Eilat that have a heated and/or covered swimming pool – you’ve come to the right place. Select from among three Dan Hotels owned by the Dan Hotels chains: Dan Eilat, Dan Panorama Eilat and Neptune Eilat. Two of these – Dan Eilat and Dan Panorama Eilat, are luxury hotels, and Neptune Eilat is mainly suitable for families and romantic couples. This quality hotel is centrally located and has three heated swimming pools in winter (a half-Olympic pool, a children’s pool and a covered toddler pool).

In addition to the heated swimming pools in all Dan Hotels in Eilat, all the hotels in this leading hotel chain offer a wide range of facilities that ensure a vacation from the movies. Dan Hotels in Eilat offer a rich and tasty Israeli breakfast, a fitness room with the most advanced and up-to-date equipment, a prestigious children’s club with a dedicated staff, and free recreation and leisure facilities. The two luxury hotels also offer a luxury spa complex with treatment rooms, so while the children spend time in the heated pool you have time to enjoy a pampering treatment in the spa, to relax, and to spend time with your partner in the lobby, at a restaurant and more.

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