Child-Friendly Hotels in Eilat

BY dore   DATE 16/03/2021

A vacation in Eilat is suitable for families with children, romantic couples, youngsters and golden age vacationers. Eilat is considered the ultimate vacation and holiday city for a vacation with children and multitudes of Israelis flock to the city every year. The eternal sun city offers abundant attractions for children of all ages, well-kept beaches, breathtaking desert landscapes, excellent hotels with numerous facilities for children, good restaurants and much more.

Even if you can’t travel abroad this year don’t wait to book a child-friendly hotel in Eilat for what is sure to be a pleasant vacation packed with attractions and recreation for the entire family, especially the children. There are quite a few child-friendly hotels in Eilat, which may make selecting a hotel somewhat confusing. We are here to help you choose a recommended hotel suitable for you, and particularly for your kids.

What makes a hotel in Eilat child-friendly?

Child-friendly hotels in Eilat offer the perfect conditions for a family vacation. Parents can enjoy the hotel spa facilities while the children take part in numerous age-appropriate activities, swim in the large pool and have fun using the recreational facilities and enjoying a wide range of pampering activities.

A recommended child-friendly hotel in Eilat offers large, quality family rooms for 4-5 guests. In child-friendly hotels the family rooms and suites usually have a tranquil modern style and offer a large double bed for the parents, comfortable beds for the children, a large bathroom with a bath, a television screen with cable connection, free high-speed wireless internet so the children can stay connected to screens and much more.

A child-friendly hotel in Eilat is usually centrally located, has a private beach or convenient and quick access to a public beach, is located a short distance from the entertainment and shopping centers, and of course offers a range of facilities for children and parents, for example a large swimming pool, toddler pool, fitness room, playground facilities and a children’s club.

How to select a child-friendly Hotel?

To select a child-friendly hotel in Eilat read information about several hotels, survey online reviews and critiques and ask for recommendations from friends and relatives who recently vacationed in Eilat and enjoyed a wonderful and bonding family vacation.

When selecting child-friendly hotels in Eilat it is important to consider the following:

Hotel location in Eilat – it is important to select a hotel in a central location with easy access to the attractions, the beautiful promenade, shopping centers and beaches. The hotel location is critical for families with children, especially if you traveled to Eilat by air and do not have a car available to you.

Family rooms – make sure to check the family rooms the hotel offers and how they are equipped. Hotels in Eilat offer different-sized family rooms, some with a connecting door, others with one big space and an opening bed for the children, in addition to pampering suites with a master bedroom and a children’s bedroom.

Food – child-friendly hotels in Eilat offer worthwhile family packages, for example an all-inclusive package, so you do not have to take out your wallet while on vacation with the children, and both the children and the parents enjoy amenities throughout the day such as popsicles, beverages, etc. The quality of the food and the culinary experience are a key criterion in selecting a hotel.

Pool – the children will spend hours in the pool, which is why it is important to take a look at the website photo gallery to get an idea of the pool and the poolside facilities. It is also recommended to check whether the pool is heated in the winter and also to make sure there is a safe toddler pool.

Facilities for children – hotels in Eilat offer a range of facilities for adults such as a pool, lobby and fitness room, and you should check whether there are also facilities for children. It is worthwhile booking a vacation at a hotel that offers a fun-filled children’s club and an entertainment team with a wide range of activities for children, in addition to sports and recreation facilities and much more.

Services for infants – check what services the hotel offers to parents with infants, for example baby equipment and baby food, a safe baby crib and a babysitter service so that parents can spend time with the other children and also enjoy a romantic evening just the two of them to enhance their relationship.

Dan Eilat Hotels are Perfect for Children

Want to know why Dan Hotels in Eilat ensure a perfect vacation for both children and parents? Well,  all Dan Hotels in Eilat are located on the north shore – the preferred hotel location among vacationers. The central location provides quick and convenient access to the main Eilat attractions, restaurants, the promenade and popular beaches.

Dan Eilat hotels also offer large and well-equipped family rooms, a huge heated swimming pool, a shaded toddler pool, lifeguard services, an especially rich Israeli breakfast, a culinary experience for the whole family, recreational facilities and much more.

All Dan Hotels in Eilat offer an abundance of activities for children of all ages. The recommended hotels offer a prestigious club with a dedicated staff that entertains the children throughout the day. Dan Hotels offer children a unique experience, providing our small guests countless art workshops, original sports activities, social games, dance parties, screened films, educational games, humoristic prize-awarding contests, and more. While the children have a good time with the devoted staff the parents can relax, sunbathe, exercise in the fitness room, enjoy pampering treatments, spend time in the spa (depending on the hotel) and go shopping. Book a vacation now at one of the Dan hotels in Eilat so you can also enjoy the optimal vacation for the entire family.

Written by  dore