Chinese Tourists

Chinese Tourists


China on the Dan Hotels Chain Map

Dan Magazine  14/01/2019

Spirit of Youth The Dan Hotels Chain and El Al Israel Airlines have cooperated to promote the growth of individual...

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Top Asian Restaurants in Israel

Lee Saunders  26/03/2018

  Israel’s Taste for the Far East In the Jewish calendar, this year is 5778. According to the Chinese calendar,...

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Dan hotels serve authentic Chinese food to the Chinese guests

Lee Saunders  04/06/2017

To the ruler, the people are heaven; to the people, food is heaven 統治者,人民就是天堂,對人民來說,食物就是天堂 With a deeply entrenched passion for...

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Chinese Movie Royalty Latest Celebrity to Come to Israel

Lee Saunders  04/06/2017

While tourists and business delegations from China are coming to Israel in ever greater numbers, Israel is welcoming more and...

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Hainan Airlines to Introduce Direct Flights to Israel, Hosts Launch Event in Dan Tel Aviv

Dan Magazine  11/04/2016

Hainan Airlines, China’s largest private carrier, will introduce three direct flights a week from Beijing to Tel Aviv, starting at...

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Israeli cooks prepare for an Asian food invasion

Dan Magazine  08/03/2016

Asian food in Dan Hotels Cuisine Preparing for an influx of Indian and Chinese guests, the Israel Ministry of Tourism flew...

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