Eilat’s Musical Fountain

BY Dan Magazine   DATE 20/10/2015


A new attraction had opened in Eilat – Israel’s largest musical fountain.
The Star Wars theme song has never sounded more dramatic…

Eilat Musical Fountain

The Musical Fountain In Eilat

Eilat’s Musical Fountain is a spectacular audio-visual show similar to those seen at famous fountains currently operating in the world’s leading cities of Barcelona, Las Vegas and Prague.
The musical fountain is located adjacent to the main park and museum just opposite the airport and is equipped with innovative technology and effects that were developed specifically for the fountain in Eilat.

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The fountain spreads across a total area of 1,500 square meters and consists of 350 jets that rocket streams of water from 10 meters to 30 meters into the air! The dancing streams of water are illuminated by some 400 LED lights in an array of stunning colors and jut out sporadically to the pulse of whichever song is playing. They shimmy, twirl and spin — they also happen to be perfectly timed to a crescendo of oohs and ahhs from the surrounding crowd. The lights were developed and manufactured especially for this fountain and include innovative and special methods of operation.

Unlike other musical fountains in the world, the fountain in Eilat consists of a “dry surface”; where during the day, residents and visitors are free to play and cool down in between the jets of water. Here, the municipality made an innovative move and had a unique cellular app. specifically designed that allows guests to individually “manage” the fountain operation system and run it from their personal cell phones.

Written by  Dan Magazine