Lodging in Eilat – The Best Areas in the City

danhotels 07/12/2020

Eilat, the tourism capital of Israel, offers abundant lodging options and a wide range of hotels suitable for all vacationers and tourists. This attractive and loved tourist city has several areas that group together different lodging options, with the north shore area undoubtedly the leading and most popular area among vacationers.

There are plenty of places to sleep in Eilat, from luxury and boutique hotels through more modest 3-star hotels to hostels, rooms for rent, campgrounds and even luxury villas with a swimming pool and generous amenities. Eilat offers a vacation for everyone, and with the wide range of lodging options you can choose the type of vacation you want. Whether you are considering a romantic vacation with your partner, a recreation and experienced-filled family vacation, a vacation for scuba diving lovers or for nature lovers – Eilat has it all.

Lodging areas in Eilat

Most of the hotels in Eilat are concentrated in 2 main lodging areas – the north shore and the south shore. The north shore area is considered the more touristic and can be seen from afar even before entering the city. This beautiful beach strip has numerous attractions and a huge selection of tourist sites, among them: the famous beach promenade, shopping centers with vat-free brand stores and excellent restaurants. The south shore, a relatively short distance from the city center and from the tourist sites and popular attractions in Eilat, also offers various points of interest.

Besides the two popular lodging areas there are also many options in the city center, mainly vacation apartments, hostels and rental apartments.

Selecting a lodging area in Eilat will determine the accommodation type and experience. Therefore, if you want to vacation in the heart of the tourist area and enjoy a quality hotel in the center of things you should look for a hotel on the north shore.

The north shore

The north shore of Eilat offers a wide range of lodgings. This area begins on the border with Jordan and ends at the Dekel beach. This strip of shore is known for its numerous lodging options, the coral reserve, the beautiful and famous promenade, shopping centers, abundant restaurants and cafés, clubs and popular beaches.

If you come to Eilat by car or by bus from Ramon Airport you can see the north shore from a distance and feel the excitement of your approaching vacation. The north shore is the tourist center of Eilat, a vibrant, colorful and dynamic area year round, with excellent pubs, popular tourist sites and a range of attractions for all ages.

Dan Hotels chain hotels in Eilat are located on the north shore. The prestigious Dan Eilat Hotel, located along the north shore promenade, offers a private and well-kept beach, 3 swimming pools and numerous facilities. The central and convenient location enables you to easily reach all tourist sites and attractions along the shore and the promenade.

The Dan Panorama Hotel overlooks the beautiful lagoon and is located a short distance from the promenade and the north shore. The central location and the unique hospitality experience offered its guests have made the Dan Panorama Hotel especially popular among families.

The crowning glory in terms of location is undoubtedly the Neptune Eilat Hotel which is located at the center of the renowned promenade, a hand’s reach from the sea. This central location enables you to get by foot to all the tourist attractions on the north shore, and also offers hotel guests a private beach. The hotel also provides free recreation and leisure facilities, among them a large pool and a fitness room.

Eilat is a popular and desirable destination for many and all types of vacationers. Selecting the hotel location is definitely important and can turn a good vacation into an amazing and unforgettable vacation.