Eilat! Because it’s Winter…

BY danhotels   DATE 07/12/2020

The idea of a winter vacation in Eilat has grown increasingly popular, and for good reason. There are so many advantages to take a vacation in winter. Want to know why you should also take a pampering and exciting vacation in winter, in Eilat? For your convenience we compiled a list of reasons.

Eilat, the southern vacation city, invites you to enjoy a perfect winter vacation and offers worthwhile deals, abundant special attractions, a veritable culinary experience, and of course a shopping celebration in vat-free stores. And all this with convenient weather conditions, a relaxing atmosphere and a special magic only found by the Red Sea.

So what’s so good about a winter vacation in Eilat? And where can you find excellent deals? Read on to find out!

Perfect weather for a vacation in Eilat

A vacation in Eilat usually conjures up images of parties and pool activities, beaches filled with local vacationers and tourists from abroad, shopping in brand name shops and a classic poolside vacation. What happens in winter? More or less the same thing, but with more hospitable weather and less tourists and vacationers taking advantage of the summer holiday for a family vacation.

Winter temperatures in Eilat are around 20-25° C on average during the day and about 10° C on average at night. Even though Eilat is only about a half-hour flight away, owing to the desert climate in the area you can get away from the winter weather in the other parts of the country. For the most part, while in all other areas of the country people wear coats and carry umbrellas, in Eilat you can sunbathe and spend time on the beach or at the pool thanks to the perfect weather in the southern city.

Nonetheless, the weather in Eilat may also be too cold to swim in the sea or in the pool. But don’t worry, the wide range of activities available in Eilat, the heated pools in the hotels, the spa, the culinary offering and the surrounding nature, will make your winter vacation in Eilat no less than perfect.

Winter in Eilat: festivals, parties, food and shopping

Interesting festivals such as the renowned Jazz Festival, Eilat Chamber Music Festival, Eilat Chamber Music Festival and the Love Weekend Festival – all take place in Eilat in winter.

During the winter season you can take an active part in original and authentic activities throughout Eilat, for example Yoga by the Sea that takes place at the Dan Hotel plaza three times a week. This activity is suitable for all ages and don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes.

During a winter vacation in Eilat you can enjoy all the well-kept beaches, and definitely don’t miss the Stalbet on the Water pools located at the Dolphin Reef where you can combine swimming and diving with friendly dolphins with spa treatments, heated swimming pools and a healthy meal.

Special winter attractions in Eilat

There are numerous winter attractions in Eilat, and you should definitely take advantage of the perfect weather for nature trips to the desert. Take jeep and all-terrain vehicle trips in the Eilat Mountains, select a walking track and enjoy the clean air and the breathtaking desert landscape, or choose camel riding or horse riding tours. If you’re planning a winter vacation in Eilat with the children don’t miss the Challenge Park, Underwater Observatory, Birdwatching Park, Botanical Garden, Dolphin Reef and ice skating rink at the Ice Mall.

Of course don’t forget that the southern city offers a unique and exciting culinary experience. And it is always recommended to take advantage of a vacation to renew your wardrobe and to buy clothes, electrical appliances, household items, textiles and more – and everything is vat-free.

Winter deals in Eilat

There are many advantages to take a perfect winter vacation in Eilat, but even more important are the cheaper prices and the attractive deals offered by the luxury hotels in Eilat compared to the price of summer vacations.

The Dan Hotels chain invites you to vacation at the luxurious Dan Eilat hotel located on the North Shore at the center of things, at the popular Dan Panorama Hotel located on the shores of the lagoon, and at the Neptune Hotel on the Eilat promenade. The Dan Hotel chain offers excellent winter deals in Eilat, not to mention exclusive bonuses when booking through the website.

Ready to book a winter vacation in Eilat?

In summary, if you’re looking for an escape from the wind and rain remember that in Eilat vacationers continue to celebrate and have a good time. When booking a winter vacation in Eilat rest assured that the weather will be perfect for trips, that you will enjoy sunbathing and a relaxing and restful vacation without multitudes of tourists and vacationers and will be welcomed with a smile wherever you go – and of course, you will enjoy excellent prices and attractive deals in a variety of hotels in the city.

When taking a winter vacation in the southern city you combine a calm and relaxing vacation with recreation, shopping and an exquisite culinary experience. What’s more, your winter vacation does not have to come at the expense of a summer vacation 😉

Book now and enjoy a winter vacation at one of the Dan Hotels, an attractive deal and an enchanted and magical experience in one of the leading tourist cities in the world.


Written by  danhotels