Activities for kids

Activities for kids

Things to do in Israel in the Winter

Lee Saunders  25/10/2021

After hibernating in our homes due to travel restrictions, winter is almost upon us, and hibernation is the last thing...

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Child-Friendly Hotels in Eilat

dore  16/03/2021

A vacation in Eilat is suitable for families with children, romantic couples, youngsters and golden age vacationers. Eilat is considered...

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Jerusalem is Child’s Play Too

Lee Saunders  17/02/2020

When you are traveling with children, you are giving them something that can never be taken away: experience, exposure, and...

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Festivals in Eilat all year round

Lee Saunders  23/01/2020

So often, festivals celebrate talent, promote diversity, and showcase our common humanity. Nowhere is this more visible than in the...

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The New Dan Caesarea Resort – HAPPINESS IS AROUND

Dan Magazine  30/10/2019

The new Dan Caesarea Resort combines a different and unique vacation experience, sprawling lawns, pastoral views, gimmicks and works of...

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Summer Activities for Kids in Israel

Lee Saunders  20/08/2019

We’ve all seen the movie Home Alone a thousand times. The fear of leaving the kid at home or more...

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Danyland – The Best Children’s Club in Israel

danhotels  23/07/2019

The colorful and illustrated hard copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in the spacious art-filled lobby was not...

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