Tourism in Israel


Constant Craving for the Far East

Lee Saunders  26/03/2018

  Israel’s Taste for the Far East In the Jewish calendar, this year is 5778. According to the Chinese calendar,...

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Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! Purim Comes to Town

Lee Saunders  05/03/2018

Choosing your outfit, makeup and working out where the best parties are. Often, these questions are associated with the Oscars,...

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70th Danniversary

Lee Saunders  13/02/2018

“In Israel, in order to be a realist, you must believe in miracles,” said David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister...

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The Christmas Story – Where it Began

Lee Saunders  10/01/2018

In the song “Last Christmas,” George Michael sang how he gave you his heart, but every year, Israel gives you...

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Dan Active

danhotels  11/12/2017

When it’s time to see, feel and learn Four wheels moves the body but two wheels moves the soul. It...

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Going nuts for donuts – Hanukkah in Israel

Lee Saunders  29/11/2017

The sunshine may dim in Israel during December, but the lights keep on burning, long into the winter, as the...

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A true treasure…

Dan Magazine  26/11/2017

The Otzrot BaHoma (Treasures in the walls) Museum in Ancient Acre: In a historic building hundreds of rare artifacts illustrate...

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The White House is Here

Dan Magazine  19/11/2017

For a period of 24 hours, the King David Jerusalem was transformed into Trump’s stronghold. On the occasion of the...

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