Tourism in Eilat


Dolphin Secrets

Dan Magazine  16/11/2017

Did you know that among other things dolphins engage in gossip? That the mother dolphin is one of the most...

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The museums of Israel-hidden treasures

Lee Saunders  31/08/2017

Celebrating the past, cherishing the future – the museums of Israel Museums of yesterday can sometimes conjure up images of...

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Dan Eilat Renewal: All the Colors of Vacation

Dan Magazine  15/05/2017

The redesign of the Dan Eilat guest rooms continues the unique style of the hotel: a vacation ambience welcoming the...

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Sound and Taste at the Dan Eilat

Dan Magazine  15/05/2017

For the fifth time, the Dan Eilat Hotel hosted the Eilat Chamber Music Festival. Guests enjoyed first class music, pampering hospitality...

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Eilat, the City of Promise

Lee Saunders  01/03/2017

History is read in books but the future is written by those with imagination, and Eilat, Israel’s beautiful desert city,...

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Eilat for couples

BlogsRelease  28/08/2016

“Let’s escape from the asphalt and the crumpled cities, let’s escape to the quiet lagoons, let’s go to Eilat, to...

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Eilat for Families

BlogsRelease  25/08/2016

Eilat is Israel’s ultimate vacation destination: the never-ending sun, enjoyable and invigorating seaside activities, diverse attractions and entertainment, and inviting,...

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Dan Eilat Wins 3rd Place in the Middle East & Dan Hotel Excellence Awards

Dan Magazine  20/06/2016

Conde Nast Traveler magazine readers chose the Dan Eilat amongst the five best resort hotels in the Middle East for...

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