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BY Dan Magazine   DATE 19/05/2015


TRX straps were originally designed to train US commandos have become a popular fitness instrument that can be used almost anywhere, even during vacation

Vacation with a Fitness  Gim

In 1997, a commando unit team commander in the US Navy came up with a creative idea to use old parachute straps to perform exercises with body weight. He tied the main strap to a door and held the other two straps in his hands. Using them he improvised diverse exercises that worked on muscle groups that usually aren’t worked on. Today, almost 20 years after having conceived the idea, anyone can now use these special straps to start building muscles and burn calories.
The TRX training system that has been implemented in Israel in recent years, promises an intense workout of all body muscles, even those you weren’t aware that you have.
The outcome being that you achieve quick results in a short time.
The TRX training method is carried out by using a 2.5 meter non-elastic strap that weighs approximately 810 grams and splits into two. The strap is tied to a pole, wood structure or any other stable element in a high position and holding the free ends. Most training sessions are conducted in small groups of 4-6 together with a training instructor in the gym or in the open air.

Work Out and Holiday

How it Works

This is a method that includes more than 500 different exercises enabling a workout which results in the sculpting and shaping of a variety of muscles groups that include abdominal, lateral, pelvic, biceps, chest and more. Due to these advantages, TRX has many great enthusiasts, especially advanced professional trainers who enjoy an intense workout in a short amount of time. Beyond the challenge and diversity of the exercises, many are drawn to this simple method that allows you to practice and work out anywhere.

Another unique advantage is the possibility to adjust the level of difficulty according to fitness level. The degrees of difficulty are easy to adjust by changing the angle of training or increasing the pace. Proper use of body weight during training can increase the challenge or make it easier.

The TRX also allows for a change in resistance levels by extending or shortening the straps, changing position, adjusting foot placement or hanging angle that is a quick and simple task.

A Variety of Exercises

The strap handles can be used on hands or feet allowing a variety of pulling, pushing and tilting exercises. The straps can also be used for performing a variety of arm exercises.

Another advantage is the ability to combine the two handles safely into one that immediately affects each exercise, by creating a rotational effort on the body and bringing into use a variety of muscles that are not commonly used.

“The best and most effective exercises that can be performed with TRX straps are the pulling exercises that work upper torso muscle groups,” says Ofer Kis from the fitness gym GREAT SHAPE, “These muscles usually show degeneration due to poor sitting posture. The leg muscle exercises (squats with support) require a better control technique, but are excellent and particularly useful to those suffering from knee problems and contribute to burning calories more than any other exercise. “

Keeping Fit even on Vacation

The biggest benefit of TRX training is availability – you can take the straps anywhere and practice. Serious trainees that are planning a vacation need not worry as the TRX straps easily fit into your suitcase enabling you to continue your exercise routine rather than settle for push-ups or relatively limited exercises on the hotel room floor. With the aid of a simple adapter the straps can be easily mounted on the door providing a strong and effective training session. Importantly, TRX requires practicing basic skills, so it is recommended initially to have the presence of a qualified training instructor, stick to safety rules and focus on sets of exercises that match the trainee’s physical abilities.

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Written by  Dan Magazine